.hack//Roots Review

Seemingly new to the online role-playing game, The World, Haseo is killed by a fellow player on his very first day. Revived by a strange character named Ovan, he then becomes involved with a guild known as the Twilight Brigade, a special group that hunts for a legendary item known as The Key of the Twilight. But they are up to a hard task indeed as this item is connected to the core of The World’s inner works, which is said to have a mind of its own. And that doesn’t even touch on the feared Tri-Edge, who is said to kill not only a person’s game character, but also their connection to their body in the real world.

This show takes place inside a game, so there is no blood involved. However, there are some intense scenes where characters are either feeling pain in the real world or losing sanity within the game. Also, Tri-Edge is quite frightening in appearance (almost zombie-like) which may scare younger viewers.

Bad language is quite low in this show. There may be a few damns, but that’s about it.

The worst the nudity gets is in the clothing of the characters. A few females have skimpy outfits, such as some of the player-killers. However, they only show as much skin as a bikini.

The setting of this show is within a game world and, like most games, The World has a lot of legends and myths about various powers, including what is referred to as the “god of The World,” symbolizing the power and mind behind the basic elements of the game.

Personal Impression:
This show is one of the newer animated stories within the .hack world, but thankfully one does not need to be too familiar with the original games, books or series to watch this one. However, it is worth noting that like most of the .hack animated series, Roots focuses more on character interaction and thought processes than action. Thus there are quite a few slower episodes. Also, although knowledge of the previous series is not needed, it is recommended. Especially as the anime cuts off at the end and to finish the story one must read the .hack//G.U. Plus manga. However, if you like more casual-paced shows, enjoy role-playing games or just like the idea of a game having “a mind of its own,” this might be right up your alleyway.

Personal Rating: Ages 10 and up

Episode count: 26
Languages: Dubbed and Subbed
Official rating: 13+
Website: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/anime.php?id=6248
Official streaming: No streaming is currently available for this show.
Screen shots:

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