.hack//Quantum Review

Sakura loves playing the online game, “The World.” And having her two closest friends, Mary and Tobias, with her makes it all the better! Unfortunately, their carefree days in “The World” take a dark turn after meeting a mysterious cat character named Hermit and one of the girls becomes engulfed within the game world.

This show doesn’t contain high violence because it’s inside a game world. However there are a few scary scenes, such as the setting of the distorted field the characters fall into where dark forms hang from a large tree in cages and players controlled by the game become clothed in dark with glowing eyes as the only facial feature. Also, when the game starts to take over, large beetle-like monsters begin to go on a rampage and the players begin to feel pain in the real world.

This show contains no bad language, which is a nice trend among many of the .hack animations.

Similar to all the other .hack games, books and animes, there is no outright nudity. However a few of the outfits are on the skimpy side, showing as much skin as a bikini. There is also a bath scene where the three friends are in a hot spring bath together (a common element of Japanese culture), but it’s tastefully done and no nudity beyond bikini levels is shown.

Quantum carries over many terms and plot elements from previous .hack variations, such as the independent A.I. Systems being human-like and the “god of ‘The Word’” being its original creator, but any mythology is kept in the game world and usually just pertains to legends of the game itself.

Personal Impression:
At only three episodes, Quantum has high quality animation and a far faster pace than most .hack animes. However, the flip side of this is that it’s crammed with a large amount of information. Almost too much information. The intricate plot rushes through in only about an hour total, leaving little breathing room for character contemplation, which is what the .hack series are usually known for. Also, it isn’t advisable to jump into this series without any knowledge of other .hack shows and their plots because Quantum wastes no time in giving detailed explanations of the game world itself and many of the conspiracies surrounding it. Nevertheless, it’s a great taste of the .hack realm and has a bright tone thanks to the main character’s energetic personality. It may be a bit intense for those new to the .hack series, but it’s bite sized and if you enjoy fantasy with heavy tones of science fiction, this might be a great watch.

Personal Rating: 10 and up

Episode: 3
Languages: Subtitled only (subject to change)
Official rating: TV-14
Genre(s): Fantasy, Science Fiction
Website: http://www.funimation.com/hackquantum
Legal streaming: Subtitled only via FUNimation’s website or YouTube channel
Screen shots:

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