D.N. Angel Review

Daisuke Niwa believes himself to be a pretty average high schooler, save for a rather obsessive family dead set on teaching Daisuke to be the best thief around. When his sixteenth birthday arrives, however, Daisuke learns why his family is so set on his lock picking skills. The Niwa family has been under a “guardian” of sorts for generations and from their sixteenth year onward, males in the family share their bodies with a guardian known as the “Phantom Thief.”

Overall, the violence in this show is pretty tame. When Daisuke transforms into Dark, he feels pain. Also, his enemy, Krad, whose transformation is even more painful, fights Dark every now and again, but no blood is shown. Daikuke’s father is also hurt badly in one episode, but there’s no blood there either. Perhaps the worst violence comes at the very end of the series. Dark uses his real wings which hurts Daisuke and the end battle results in the “resurrection” of Dark and Krad’s true form, which is skeleton-like and thus could be a bit scary for very young viewers.

There isn’t any language in this show which is best considering the character types don’t seem like the kind of people that would curse in the first place…

Nudity doesn’t exist in this show either (aside from one character’s outfit which shows her stomach). Again, this makes sense. There isn’t any reason for nudity anyway.

The beginning of this show opens up with the Niwa family dressed in robes and undergoing what looks like some kind of magical ceremony. It doesn’t last long and doesn’t seem to hold much meaning either as Daisuke quickly takes off for school in the middle of it. One the female leads also seems to enjoy using tarot cards, although it never plays a big role in the series (these cards are seen in the second ending theme, although they, again, serve no purpose). It is also worth noting that the hero character, Dark, looks like a dark angel while the enemy, Krad, is a light angel. This could be interpreted any number of ways, but it’s never explored in the show, so, like the tarot cards, ends up as a mere embellishment at best.

Personal Impression:
I rather liked this show myself, although I could always go for a bit more action. Even so, it’s a fun show and pretty clean too. The various mysteries around the enemy and a few other characters helps add some spice. Be warned that it wraps up a bit too fast at the end though, leaving some questions unfinished. Overall, it’s a great watch and would have gotten an All Ages rating if not for the last few episodes that showcase Dark’s true form. But if you want a break from action centric shows, D.N. Angel is a good pick, with just enough mystery and adventure to keep a strong interest without landing in the “overwhelming” category.

Personal Rating: 10 and up

Episodes: 26
Languages: Dubbed and Subbed
Official rating: Unrated
Genre(s): Romance, supernatural, fantasy
Website: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/anime.php?id=2288
Legal streaming: No streaming currently
Screen shots:

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