Extra: Here be pirates! Arrr!

What I expect from summer: heat, heat and more heat. What I don’t expect from summer: finding a decent streaming anime to watch and help me with my procrastination. Thankfully, I was wrong this year (except for the heat part). A trip to Crunchyroll for the lolz brought about looking up more info on unfamiliar titles and, eventually, trying out a few new shows. And that, oddly, lead to Bodacious Space Pirates. The last thing anyone would think I’d watch.

Now before you draw any conclusions based on the title, let me say this. I have begun to seriously doubt Japan knows what “bodacious” means. This show is why. From the title alone one would think this show is filled with girls and fanservice. While the first is true, strangely, the second is not. I have made it to episode 12 and, while I can not speak for the series completely yet, thus far there has been little to no fanservice. That’s right. Every anti-grav moment (which there are a great deal, I assure you), bicycle scene and dressing number is done with the grace of long forgotten “clean” shows. The focus is, unexpectedly, not anything “bodacious.” A few characters (looking at you “nurse”) may have outfits that are a bit tight and cleavage barring, but it’s the type that can hardly be called “fanservice.” No panty shots, no bras showing, nata. It’s really quite amazing.

But what about the story, you might say. Well, that is simplistic enough. In fact, it’s down right too simplistic. A girl inherits her father’s pirate ship (which is oddly “legal” because of a civil war years back). She becomes captain and takes on jobs, learning how to be a good captain along the way. Very straight forward. This show won’t be winning any genius awards any day soon. But the cleanness and focus of the show is refreshing, to be sure. And although the story is simple, the action and characters are interesting enough to keep the show from being boring.
All in all, this series brings back the good old days of anime when one could sit down and just enjoy the show. Let’s hope this wonderful feeling continues for all future episodes. Even if the title gives people strange ideas….

Bodacious Space Pirates can be viewed legally via Crunchyroll.