Extra: Safe samurai and why series should be upfront

One may well wonder why I have not reviewed Bodacious Space Pirates. Well, simply put: because I dropped it. Why, you ask? False advertizement, my friend. As I stated in my last Extra, BSP looked like a good clean show, something that doesn’t often come from Japan these days. And as far as violence, language and such goes, that remained true. However, the series decided, over half way through, to change into Yuri (girl on girl stuff). Now I realize there are people out there that swing that way. I’m not one of them. If I had known that was where the show was headed, I wouldn’t have even picked it up. Unfortunately, I didn’t know, which was the problem. Sad to say that after two girls lip locked each other it became clear where it was going. Looking back there were signs, although, like so many Japanese things, it was vague. The male characters were all old, robots or already married and the rest of the cast was pure female. Also, there was more than one awkward moment between girls. However, the series remained clean and such awkwardness is not uncommon in anime (see my review on Angelic Layer). Thus, at the time, I thought it was just me being paranoid. I wish I had been right.
It’s sad to think that shows like this need to wait so long before showing their true colors and it makes it all the more necessary to really do your research on a show these days before jumping in. Because after spending hours watching BSP and liking it, the pain of being ripped off was all the sharper. Honestly now. Unless a show is some kind of thriller, it should not go through a genre change over halfway through.

Thankfully my summer viewing did not end there. FUNimation was wonderful enough to upload Samurai 7 for free viewing and thus I happily undertook the challenge. And after seeing the whole show I must say it was a good run indeed and, thankfully, exactly what it advertized (expect a review soon). And now I am watching Ramen Fighter Miki via Crunchyroll. It’s nice to be in clearer waters. Very nice indeed.

You can watch Samurai 7 on FUNimation’s YouTube channel or via Hulu.

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