Streaming Pick of the Month: Ramen Fighter Miki!

Do you like crazy fighting and really don’t care about a coherent story? Congratz! This anime was made for you! Miki is the daughter of a Ramen shop owner and takes her job about as seriously as she takes her fighting, which is sporadic and over-the-top at all times. Her constant rival, bakery shop owner Megumi, is more than happy to fight her regardless of working hours and the two of them duke it out day after day, involving anyone that comes by in their battles. Aside from basic Common Sense, of course.

This 12 episode series is currently licensed by Media Blasters and is available via Crunchyroll for free viewing.  Click here to start watching!

Note: Streaming shows are not always available for free viewing. Be sure to watch the shows of your choice before they’re gone!