Trinity Blood Review

Abel Nightroad is not exactly human. In fact, he’s a Crusnik, a vampire that can feed off other vampires. And he works for the Vatican, the only policing force left in a post-apocalyptic world where humans easily fall pray to the Medusa, otherwise known as vampires. As the political situation with the Medusa becomes more unstable, Abel holds the key to ending the decade long struggle. And that key just might just come in the unexpected form Esther, a young girl struggling to understand the cruel world around her.

The worst part of this series is most definitely the violence level. From episode one a vampire gets his still beating heart ripped out from his chest. Later on, arms are chopped off, vampires get drained of their own blood and shrivel into dust, etc. This series has no problem showing blood and violence. To be honest, this anime wouldn’t even be reviewed except that these extreme moments of violence do not occur in every episode. While this show does manage to stay within the YA rating, those with blood and violence trauma would do well to avoid it.

As with most YA rated series, this show contains the “illegitimate-son” word. As well as d-mn and “female-dog-in-heat” word (yea, for actual dictionary definitions).

A few female characters have a large, um, rack (no nice way to put this), so there’s some fanservice in this series. Thankfully, it doesn’t go far. There are a few bath and shower scenes, but mist covers all vital parts, so only bikini level skin is shown (though, with quite a bit of cleavage).

Considering that the Vatican is behind this policing task force, one can only imagine how much religious theology is brought up. Many of these religious tones are Catholic in nature. The idea of praying over those already dead, asking a priest for forgiveness, a judgmental God, etc. However, this series, while containing many references to God and sin, focuses far more on the question of what it is to be human than any religious question. Even so, be prepared for some scripture quoting once and awhile.

Personal Impression:
This show really pushes my limits in the realm of violence. That being said, this show has some amazing moments. The animations is fantastic, the world is  dreary, yet gorgeous, the music fitting and the story is layered enough to keep it from being predictable. Character wise, Abel Nightroad is a loveable character who is goofy one minute and kicking butt the next. You can’t help but feel sorry for him the more you learn of his past. Esther is harder to identify with for some, but she has early prejudices against vampires that are realistic and, thankfully, addressed early on in the series. And just as the human world has its own version of government, so do the Medusa. This fleshes out the world considerably and keeps things running. There’s certainly never a lack of action in this show, that’s for sure. Even the stand-alone episodes often end up playing roles later, which is a very nice touch. There’s a touch of humor now and again, though it takes second place to the action and plot.The only real problem with this series is that the source material (light novel series) contains far too much to cram into a 24 episode series. Thus the ending is a bit… less than what was hoped for. Even so, if you love vampire shows and can take the violence levels, you’ll enjoy this dark and detailed series.  Just don’t expect all the plots to tie up at the end…

Personal Rating: Young adult

Episodes: 24
Languages: Dub and Sub
Official rating: Mature
Genre(s): Fantasy, supernatural, action
Legal streaming: FUNimation‘s site and their YouTube channel
Screen shots:

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