Tsuritama Review

Yuki can’t seem to communicate with people. Luckily for him, it’s not a human that wants to become his friend. Haru is an alien who needs a fishing partner to help him catch a really big fish that’s in the area. Which is why he squirts Yuki and Natsuki with his mind controlling water gun and creates a fishing team with some of the most unusual people around.

There’s really no violence in this show. Yuki’s face tends to deform under stress, but it’s not grotesque so much as it’s simply silly. At the very end the Duck military group threatens to bomb the town and there are some explosions. We’re spared any blood though.

This series almost got away clean, yet there was one or two instances where the horrid “illegitimate-son” word was used. It was quick, however, and is easily missed.

No nudity in this show, really. Haru’s sister wears a bikini top and sometimes the guys go shirtless as they fish. That’s about as nude as it gets. Beach visits are far more dangerous.

The legend that opens up this series plays a role in the rest of the show. Sometimes the princess is called a “goddess.” However, this has nothing to do with religious doctrine and is simply a way to refer to a woman who seemingly “came down from the sky.”

Personal Impression:
This is an extremely weird show to me. Yes, I realize that I’ve seen shows many would consider more bizarre. However, those shows were strange for comic purposes. This show is just plain strange. Yuki has major social issues and the creators of this show thought it’d be a good idea to visually represent this by making his appear to “drown” whenever he’s in panic mode. Which is a nice idea, but really only makes the scene just as awkward for viewers. Then there are scenarios that should be funny, like the fact that the organization watching for alien activity is called Duck and their poses are ridiculous, yet fall flat. Because while these things are ridiculous, no one seems to think so in the show and thus there is an uncomfortable blend of the realistic and the weird living side by side with no one there to raise their hand and say, “Something’s wrong with this picture.” Yuki’s grandmother being sick, Natsuki’s separation from his father, and Haru’s inability to completely understand how humans feel are all serious and beautiful concepts, yet often they are overshadowed by the awkward moments of the show. Thankfully this strangeness clears up a bit at the very end, but the series is so very short that it hardly matters.
Animation-wise this series was pretty good. The voice acting (Japanese) was good and the music was fitting. If you like more laid back shows, this series might be fun for you. Just expect a fish tanks of awkward and weird in this one.

Personal Rating: 10 and up

Episodes: 12
Languages: Sub
Official rating: NA
Genre(s): Fishing, drama, fantasy
Website: NA
Legal streaming: Crunchyroll
Screen shots:

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