xxxHolic Review

Kimihiro Watanuki can see mythical creatures most people can’t see. Unfortunately, this also means these same creatures are drawn to him, tormenting Watanuki wherever he goes. One day, Watanuki accidentally finds a strange house that is home to a woman named Yuuko who is able to grant any wish a person may have, for a fee, of course. She makes a deal with Watanuki. If he works at her shop for her, she will keep him protected from the many spirits that want him dead.

The violence level in this show is pretty low. Some characters might get tossed around and such, but the worst things should get would be a few scrapes. Certainly nothing graphic. The most frightening aspect of this show, graphic wise, would be the youkai, which might be a bit too scary for very young viewers.

There’s not much in the language department in this show, thankfully. A few da-ns. Nothing too shocking.

We’re spared any nudity in this show. Some of Yuuko’s outfits are loose at the front and this shows  some cleavage. Sometimes she shows a lot of leg too. But it’s nothing a bikini at a beach wouldn’t show.

Just as in Natsume no Youjin-cho, this series has a high level of youkai within it. And these creatures are a major part of the story. While culture and folklore are not as heavy theme-wise in this show, the creepy and terrifying aspects are. People occasionally get possessed and magical items, such as photos of dead people and special rings, are common as well. And Yuuko herself is often referred to as a dimensional witch.

Personal Impression:
This series does put its comedy before its horror, which is good considering that horror isn’t really my thing. That being said, there isn’t nearly as much character development in this series as in Natsume no Youjin-cho, so if deep development is your thing, this series might disappoint. That being said, there is a bit of growth on Watanuki’s part. He starts learning how to trust and lean on others by the end. He even starts learning to enjoy himself and have fun. But it’s a slow development. Most of the series is a case by case style, each episode dealing with an often random person and their individual problem. The only connecting thread being the growing trust between Watanuki and Doumeki as they fight against various youkai.
Animation-wise, it’s not exactly normal looking. CLAMP is known for their odd character designs and it crosses over into the anime variation, so be prepared for very tall and skinny characters. The music is appropriate, though non-stellar. Overall, this show is more for the laughs and the creepy than getting to the heart of their viewers. But if you’re in the mood for something creepy, but nothing too out there, this a good show to try out.

Personal Rating: 10 and up

Episodes: 24
Languages: Dub and Sub
Official rating: PG13
Genre(s): Comedy, horror, supernatural
Legal streaming: Youtube and FUNimation‘s site
Screen shots:

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