Erin Review

Erin doesn’t live a normal life because her mother is not only of another tribe, but also a beast healer. Yet despite being treated so differently, Erin in happy. She loves learning how things work in nature and why. Yet soon she begins to understand that not everything is as wonderful as it could be. When a handful of the most powerful Touda die under her mother’s care, Erin witnesses first hand the brutality of the world she lives in and can do nothing to stop the wheels of fate as they push her mother down into a pit where she can never again return.

The violence level in this show is quite low at first. We see no blood and scenes with the Touda going crazy and attacking soldiers are stylized with old school artwork, making details nonexistent. However, later on in the series a great deal of blood shows up. Ohjus viciously attack people and Toudas. Not to mention the political warfare that goes from sword fights to poisoning. Not very appropriate for young ages.

There really isn’t much language in this show besides a da-n or two.

There are two scenes where Erin is in a large bath, but no details show up. Mist covers everything, so no worries there.

Thus show explains a world that reveres its rulers as gods (with the saddest part being that even the rulers believe that). So there is a lot of talk about the will of the gods and such. There is no indoctrination in this show, however, and it becomes clear later in the series that the only characters in this tale are human begins.

Personal Impression:
Straight up: I have no idea what audience this show was initially for. It felt at first like they were going for pretty kid friendly stuff, then the seriousness bumped it to 10+ and then… blood. Over halfway through and it seems the creators realized how awkward things were already and decided to go ahead and just add in the violence they wanted, landing this show in the YA slot.
That being said, the story is solid enough, though at times it’s rather predictable. Perhaps the most compelling elements being the political intrigues, which start early on but don’t intersect with Erin’s story until much later.
Art wise this anime could use some touch up. The style is old and the detail is often non-existent. Considering many of the character names are Korean, it’s likely a Korean company was involved in this show’s production. Regardless, one should be warned that about half of this series is stock footage from previous episodes or scenes. It was my biggest issue with this show. About half of every episode was a rehash of what I already knew. This made the obligatory recap episode beyond pointless as the scenes are all cycled so often that it would be impossible for a viewer to forget what had previously occurred.
Nevertheless, Erin is a solid main character, though her willfulness often causes unnecessary problems for those around her, which can be frustrating for some. Humor also won’t be found in this show, but considering how many high marks the show has received from Crunchyroll users, it’s worth checking out. If only for the satisfaction of watching the creepy duke bite it.

Personal Rating: Young adult

Episodes: 50
Languages: Sub
Official rating: PG13
Genre(s): Fantasy, adventure
Website: N/A
Legal streaming: Crunchyroll
Screen shots:

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