Streaming Pick of the Month: Kamisama Kiss!

Many apologies for this being late, but -goodness in a hand basket- it’s November! And seeing as how most of the Monthly Picks thus far have been a bit… guy centric and/or dark, how about you shoujo fans have some fun?

Nanami doesn’t have a home. Her father is a loser, jerk and gambler and decided leaving home before it was foreclosed was the best move to make in his position. Thankfully, a land god takes pity on Nanami and gives her his job, complete with a house! Of course, it’s also complete with a gorgeous and non-too-thrilled familiar named Tomoe that would rather live his youkai life on his own terms than follow the orders of a human girl. Sound like a full on shoujo epic, huh? But it’s not all THAT lovey-dovey. Actually it’s pretty hilarious. Some nice over the top humor goes quite well with the equally obvious shoujo elements, making this a pretty fun show even if shoujo isn’t your usual fare.

This series is licensed for simul-casting by FUNimation Entertainment and new episodes are uploaded to their site every Wednesday at 1pm EST.
Click here to start watching!

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