Rideback Review

Rin Ogata used to be a brilliant ballet dancer, following in the footsteps of her talented mother. However, after a fall damages her leg, Rin decides to return to school as an average student, giving up all her dreams. But when she runs into a school club dedicated to motorcycle-like vehicles called Ridebacks, she discovers that her talents might not have run out after all.

Although blood isn’t focused on too much, there is a decent amount of violence in this show. Perhaps the worst instances are a character being suddenly beheaded and a character being tortured to reveal information via electrocution. Interestingly, these scenes don’t show much blood, but they are visually disturbing, especially for young viewers.

The language in this show is pretty typical for YA titles. A few da-ns, sh-ts and an occasional (though rare) “illegitimate-son” word.

Thankfully this series never attempts to dive into fanservice, even though it certainly has many opportunities to do so. Since Rin often wears a white dress, occasionally you can see a bit of her underwear in high action scenes. However, one would often need to pause the episode to actually see them as it is not focused on at all and goes by very fast. Also, another female character wears tight clothing that often exposes her stomach. Nothing one won’t see at the beach, but worth mentioning.

There really isn’t anything to worry about in this sector. Typical of science fiction, the concept of what freedom really is and whether someone should fight if they can, even though people may die, are discussed. But no single stance is forced on viewers.

Personal Impression:
I started watching this show out of curiosity and certainly didn’t think it would affect me as much as it did. Re-watching episode one after seeing the whole series brought tears to my eyes, something that isn’t that easy to do. This series may have a pretty simple set up as it focuses on a girl who just wants to find joy in her life again, yet it goes far beyond this goal. Rin experiences the pain of loss in pretty much every sense of the word imaginable, and viewers tag along for the ride. Thus the pain of those close to her and the death of those who have become so loveable, makes for a very strong impression. In fact, when one major character dies, I felt more sadness over her passing than perhaps any other death scene I’d ever seen in a show.
The setting itself is a bit similar to other robot shows like Gundam Wing. There is a world government and various factions fighting against it and the main character ends up getting involved. Which is the perfect setting for character development. Unlike Gundam Wing, however, this series focuses far more on the characters themselves and the issues they go through than on the war around them. In fact, we don’t get a very clear picture of the war and what is happening globally, though we can see glimpses now and again. So if you wish to have any closure on the world itself, this series will disappoint. Instead, the story arc we see is solely Rin and her world. So if you love shows that give you a deep connection with the main character, with some robot fun on the side, this show is a wonderful choice. Just be sure you have tissues on hand for the last few episodes…

Personal Rating: Young adult

Episodes: 12
Languages: Sub and Dub
Official rating: TV14
Genre(s): Action, science fiction, drama
Website: http://www.funimation.com/rideback
Legal streaming: YouTube and FUNimation‘s site
Screen shots:

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