Lucky Star Review

Konata Izumi is a high school student who loves gaming, manga and anime. As she moves throughout her high school life with her three closest friends, they experience everything from everyday discussions on how to eat cream puffs to how to survive a convention.

Violence is restricted to slap stick humor in this show. So there’s no reason to fear blood here.

The worst language you’ll hear in this show is d-mns. Nothing too major.

Breast sizes are joked about. And one character is a Yuri fan (boy x boy), so sometimes she fantasizes about some of her friends. It’s never explicit, though the references made are intentionally easy misunderstandings for comedies sake. Also, Konata is allowed to play Adult games, which is something joked about off and on. Though these jokes don’t happen every episode, they do happen more than once, bunking this series up to Young Adult for references alone.

There’s no real theology here.

Personal Impression:
This series is almost pure comedy, which isn’t surprising as it started as a four-panel comic in Japan. The artwork is very “cutesy,” which adds to the carefree charm of the show. Though it is difficult to remember that these girls are in high school. They look like they’re in middle school. The music is cute as well, though not distractingly so.
It should perhaps be mentioned that much of the humor is found in cultural jokes, so those new to anime or Japanese culture might have a hard time following many of the references. Thus, while the show is actually pretty clean as far as older audience comedy pieces go, it’s also not something everyone will find funny. Overall this is a very light hearted show to watch that sure to make you smile, even if a few references to an obscure anime go over your head.

Personal Rating: Young adult

Episodes:  24
Languages: Dub and sub
Official rating: PG14
Genre(s): Comedy, slice of life
Website: n/a
Legal streaming: Crunchyroll
Screen shots:

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