Extra: Kyon’s mind

kyonmovie[Warning: this post discusses the mental struggles present in The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya]

if you’re still reading you have either A) watched this movie already or B) have far more curiosity than you should. Either way, welcome to the discussion on Kyon’s mental stability!

When Kyon was first “recruited” into Haruhi’s gang of misfits, he wanted nothing more than to be normal. At least, that’s what he claimed. Truth be told, normal is desirable at first because it’s so safe. But it’s not always the way one wishes to live. After Haruhi’s disappearance, Kyon all but snaps mentally. However, the situation should not be one to cause such a reaction. The world has reverted back to normal, after all. That is what he wanted. But deep down, Kyon knows something else. Something he hasn’t even admitted to himself. He loves not being normal.

But all of this is a bit beside the point. The question is: would a normal human be able to take this? After being thrown into one alternate time after another and going through as many time complexes as he has, Kyon is really overdue for a breakdown. The fact that he lasts as long as he does is truly amazing and speaks volumes about Kyon’s mental state. In fact, when Itsuki first meets Kyon and comments on how he was “an ordinary human being,” it might not have been entirely true. Kyon seems to have an unusual ability to readjust his mind to the new circumstances at hand, no matter how bizarre. After all, how would you react to many of Kyon’s situations? He becomes used to Haruhi’s eccentric nature pretty rapidly for someone so “normal.” And after awhile, his reactions to strange events begin to cool as well.

So what’s your opinion? Is Kyon really average or do you think he has a talent for adapting?

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