Last Exile: Fam. The Silver Wing Review

Last Exile -Fam, the Silver Wing-Story:
Fam is a member of the Sky Pirates, a group of pilots who attack airships for their goods. But when Fam decides to target a high class vessel, they end up in the middle of a war with two betrayed princesses and various kingdoms hanging in the balance.

Considering the violence levels in the original Last Exile, this “sequel” stays on pretty much the same level. Some characters are stabbed or shot and blood spills, but thankfully not much focus is given to it. That being said, the opening theme shows a character stained in blood and that all on its own is disturbing. Also, as in the first Last Exile, there are some instances of mass genocide. Again, this kind of thing isn’t gory, but it’s far too intense for younger viewers.

Average levels for young adult ratings. Some d-mns, even a b-word or two. Not too common and no f-bombs.

There is a bath scene, but mist covers any detail. Also, in one scene in the first episode, Fam takes off most of her clothing. She’s still wearing her underwear (which is Victorian in nature and thus covers a decent amount). In another scene one of the princesses is performing a ceremony and her dress is pretty sheer. No details, but it’s hardly necessary.

The Exiles, or survivor ships, are sometimes spoken to almost as if they were gods as the passwords to their systems are often in poetic verse. Also, they seem to find the large lake of pure water to be like a goddess of some sort and “pray” to it. However, no indoctrination or theories of the universe here, only what seems to be tradition and ceremony. These elements never play into the larger story in any way.

Personal Impression:
Before you worry about not having seen the first Last Exile, don’t worry. The first Last Exile and this “sequel” really don’t line up much at all. So you can just watch this one straight away if you want. My only warning is this: very few things are explained. Ever. Following the political intrigues takes a hundred percent of one’s concentration. Which is part of the problem.
If the series had focused just on the political, which only a few character issues on the side, or the reverse (lots of character with a little political), it might have fared better. Alas, this was not the case. The creators of this show attempted to marry equal parts serious political warfare and character drama. Suffice to say, the result was more than a little ridiculous. After all, the political aspects were extremely serious. Mass genocide in the name of “justice” isn’t light material. Yet such scenes of horror were trailed by petty misunderstandings between Fam and the princess. While some may say this is realistic, I find it very hard to back a political figure who gets bent out of shape when things don’t go her way.
The ending is no better as that genocide I mention earlier is pretty much justified as the show attempts to get the audience to sympathize with the villains. Problem is: genocide. Just no. That is NEVER ok.
As a final note: there is a great deal of… awkwardness between all the female characters of this show. Which is considerable seeing as all the main characters, aside from the villain, are female. In fact, you can easily count all the male characters on one hand. Some (including myself) refer to this as “light yuri,” though nothing concrete ever happens. Nevertheless, it’s extremely annoying and completely unnecessary. Not the mention the fact that it makes no sense. I mean, where are the guys in this scenario? And the unnamed male pilots in the background don’t count.
Overall, this show clearly decided to cater to newer fanboys instead of its long held fanbase and ended up alienating much of its audience in the process. If you don’t mind a bad mix of petty drama and awkward sorta-yuri right alongside mass murder, feel free to check this show out. It does have amazing graphics. However, don’t expect to get all your questions answered. And don’t expect good ethics from this show either…

Personal Rating: Young adult

Episodes: 21
Languages: Sub
Official rating: TV14
Genre(s): Action, science fiction, steampunk
Legal streaming: FUNimation‘s site
Screen shots:

3 thoughts on “Last Exile: Fam. The Silver Wing Review

  1. Andrew Foote

    Ah, bummer. I loved Last Exile, but I wasn’t quite sure about this next series. By your review, I’m saving myself a dozen or so lost hours. Thank you!

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