Gundam Wing Endless Waltz Review

[Warning: this movie’s event follow after the Gundam Wing series]

gundam wing endless waltzStory:
One year after the war, earth and the space colonies have finally settled into peace. Or so everyone once believed. Amidst the calm, the government’s new organization, The Preventers, stumble onto conspiracy that was in the works long before the peace treaty was formed. With earth on the line, the Gundam pilots are forced out of retirement, yet the plan they must stop is the very one that created them in the first place: Operation Meteor.

As with the original series, the violence in this show actually remains rather tame. The most violent scene is when a small girl and a man are shot near the end. Quite a bit of blood is shown (in the girl’s case, it’s a bit ridiculous). But even though the blood doesn’t look as real as it might, the idea of a child getting shot is still disturbing and thus this movie remains at a YA rating.

The language in this movie is on the tame side, actually. Only one or two d-mns and one declaration of taking some mobile suits down to hell.

There isn’t any nudity in this show, wonderfully.

Unlike some of the high-brow speeches that featured God in the series, this movie is free of any religious theology. The closest theology comment would be when one character claims he is willing to become evil itself to find out his place in the world. Nothing ever comes of this comment, however.

Personal Impression:
As a Gundam Wing fan, this movie is all shades of amazing. Even though a few things, like the sudden change in the Gundam designs, don’t make sense. For fans of the series that felt something was off with a few characters and wished for a bit more of a wrap up, this show provides just that. Action is brought up almost immediately and flashbacks to many of the pilots’ pasts give more insight into their motives for joining Operation M in the first place, information that was largely left out of the series. It also addresses some ethical issues, such as the fact that humans are the ones that decide to fight and thus they must decide peace is worth standing up for. Just taking away weapons isn’t enough (incidentally, this is now a major issue for our own times once again).
The music and graphics are all fantastic, especially considering that this movie is now well over a decade old. Perhaps the only downside to this movie is that it is so very focused on the characters’ pasts and the current situation on earth, that the personal lives of the pilots during the year of peace is largely ignored. Also, the wrap up is brief, only showing a few of pilots returning to their lives during the credit sequence. So if you wish to see the day-to-day aftermath, this movie won’t give it to you. However, considering that nearly every loose end is tied up nicely and even characters you never thought you’d see again make an appearance, this movie is definitely worth a watch. Or, in my case, regular viewing as I watch this movie with my brother every New Years Eve. Nothin’ like bringin’ in the New Year with giant robots, right?

(Note: this show was originally licensed by Bandi Entertainment and thus is no longer being produced. However, DVDs are still available at reasonable prices at major online retailers)

Personal Rating: Young adult

Episodes: movie (was originally three OVAs)
Languages: Sub and dub
Official rating: TV14
Genre(s): Science fiction, action, fantasy
Website: n/a
Legal streaming: n/a
Screen shots:

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