Letter Bee Review

Lag was once “delivered” by a courageous Letter Bee named Gauche. Now old enough to become a Letter Bee himself, he travels to the capitol in the hopes of joining the Bees and getting the chance to deliver letters of hope to people everywhere. However, his first mission isn’t an expected one. First he must obtain a dingo, a traveling companion and protector.

Not too bad, but there are a few scenes with blood. One character is hit hard with a wooden plank and another gets injured by shrapnel. Not too much blood, but it’s not non-existent. Other than that, enemies are defeated by shooting them with a weapon that doesn’t kill but instead delivers emotions. In the case of the monsters in the show, they explode with light. No blood. For humans, they just get teary or become paralyzed. The most horrifying aspect would be the… bodies. A few “experiments” are seen already dead near the end of the series. Nothing really graphic (lots of shadow), but it’s not for really young eyes.

Pretty sure the “illegitimate-son” word was used at least once. Along with the usual fare of d-mn and such.

This series was doing pretty good (aside from the b-word) until this point. The worst nudity at first is Niche. She has no underwear on until Lag convinces her to wear it. Before you panic, nothing is shown. But it’s not the most comfortable of topics for a show. Later on, another character, similar to Niche, appears not wearing anything at all. Her hair conveniently hides details, but it’s clear she’s completely naked. And once she is “clothed,” a lot of cleavage is still visible. It’s on bikini level though. One more scene worth mentioning, a female character (naturally), gets her clothing shredded accidentally. Again, no details, but it’s very obvious that it’s fanservice. This is odd, however, as these scenes are the only ones like this in the entire 50 episode show, which mainly focuses on younger kids like Lag. Also, small note, Niche is animal-like and naïve, so when she thinks people are hurt she licks them. Especially Lag. It’s not sexual, but it is uncomfortable.

This is by far the strangest part of this show. Two or three episodes open up with some “scriptures” from the world’s religion, which worships a woman (very Roman Catholic feel). These “scriptures” dictate that one’s heart is “god.” It’s very strange, makes no sense and affects the show in no way. Why it’s there, I couldn’t even begin to guess. Also, one town worships an ancient creature of legend. Also of note, some creatures are said to have been given extra “spirit” power. Really this is more like a life force than anything else and doesn’t have any religious connection.

Personal Impression:
This show was decent enough at first. Good art, fitting music and an interesting story line concerning Lag’s mother and Lag himself. However, by the end of the series, it became clear that those very same interesting plot elements were never to be cleared up. And they weren’t. As the show progressed, questions about Niche were answered, but Lag and his mother remained a mystery. Which pretty much defeated the purpose of the show, seeing as how it centered around this character.
Speaking of characters, Lag is pretty straight forward personality-wise. As is Niche and many others. If you like deep characterization or development, this isn’t the show for you.
All that being said, it is an interesting show. Unique, I suppose. Until the end and rage quitting becomes nearly impossible. Also, this show could easily be half the size it is. Or even less. Fifty episodes is a lot to go through for a mediocre, though odd-tainted show. Then again, that one creature that follows them around, Stake, is cute. That’s something. Also, the show itself is actually very popular on Crunchyroll and has gotten many raving reviews, so it’s likely me. I’m just not one for crying whenever Lag does. Which is every episode.

Personal Rating: Young adult

Episodes: 50
Languages: Sub
Official rating: PG14
Genre(s): Adventure, fantasy
Website: n/a
Legal streaming: Crunchyroll
Screen shots:

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