Kamisama Kiss Review

kamisama kissStory:
Nanami used to live with her father. That is, until her father got in debt and ran off. Having nowhere to go, Nanami ends up in the park, saves a land god and gets his job in return. Luckily for her, this job comes with a place to live. The bad news is: not all the youkai are pleased having a human as a master and a few would love to get the chance to steal her new land god powers the second she lets down her guard.

Besides slapstick comedy, with people falling, getting bashed in the head with huge hammers and such (all with little to no damage sustained), there isn’t too much violence. A little blood is seen when Nanami falls and gets a cut on her knee. That being said, the only other frightening aspect of this show might be a few of the youkai that look a bit like starving zombies.

There’s not much in this category aside from the usual items: d-mns and such. Nothing graphic.

Not much to say in this category either. This series is a shoujo show and it steers clear of fanservice. The worst one could say about this show is a beach episode. But bikinis aren’t that intimidating, especially considering how tastefully they are handled in this show.

If you don’t know what youkai are, click here and read up. Back? Ok. That’s important info because it’s cultural. Many Japanese gods are more like mythical creatures. People ask them for help with things, but “worship,” as westerns think of it, doesn’t occur much. Nevertheless, Nanami does inherit a “land god’s” job and lives in a shrine. And while this show doesn’t attempt to “convert” viewers in any way to Japanese traditions, it does contain a lot of their folklore. So if that bothers you, this might not be a show for you.

Personal Impression:
I loved this show. But before you start thinkin’ I’ve lost my mind, this show isn’t straight up shoujo. There’s a great deal of comedy and parody in this show as well. Which is probably why I enjoyed this series so much. Especially one particular character that parodies Jrockers (so much Engrish). But in all seriousness, there were a few surprises story-wise. For one thing, when one girl’s love is rejected, unlike many heroines that give up, she decided to continue loving regardless of whether her love is returned or not. That doesn’t seem to be too common in these shows. It was a nice addition and made the heroine more lovable in the end.
The music and graphics are pretty decent as well. Nothing to shatter records, but fitting to the show. If you like a fun, tid bit sappy and funny show, this is a great one to try out.

Personal Rating: 10+

Episodes: 13
Languages: Sub
Official rating: TV14
Genre(s): Romance, comedy
Website: http://www.funimation.com/kamisama-kiss
Legal streaming: FUNimation and Hulu
Screen shots:

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