Pani Poni Dash Review

Becky is a kid. And a genius. And a high school teacher. She teaches a room full of insane high schoolers. That’s the whole plot. Oh and aliens are watching her every move and there’s a cat living in a vending machine who thinks he’s God. Stop trying to understand. It’ll only hurt you.

Pure slap stick comedy right here. People get blown up, whacked with mallets and whatnot, but obtain no real damage. Blood shows up on occasion but always in a ridiculous and comedic light. Taking anything in this show seriously is a bad idea.

Becky can have a bad mouth, as can Rei. Expect a few d-mns, sh-ts and even an “illegitimate son” word. Doesn’t occur every episode, but this show clearly isn’t for young kids. Becky also pulls a middle finger on her class (and is punished for it).

No detail shown, but unfortunately there’s a decent amount here. There are more than a few body jokes, suggestive positions of characters, tight clothing and whatnot. Nothing that breaks the PG14 rules, but it’s still not for really young viewers.

There is a cat in a vending machine who thinks he’s God. I think I mentioned that. Yep, that’s in there. Does it make sense? Nope. Is it supposed to make sense? Nope. Is it only for comedic purposes? Yep. Even so, if jokes like that bug you, this show may not be the one for you.

Personal Impression:
This show is hilarious! Assuming, of course, you can leave the logic side of your brain at the door. Honestly, most of the humor in this show is ridiculous and absurdest humor. If you’re not into that, this show is defiantly not for you. It’s also not for people looking for any kind of plot. Cause there isn’t one. At all. In any capacity. From idiot aliens that seem to have no real purpose or direction to their mission, to Becky’s students dreaming of a place where butter consists of tigers running around a tree, this show depends on not making any sense at all and doing so very well. This isn’t to say that a lesson or two doesn’t appear now and again. Becky does learn a few things, like how she should attempt learning to do things on her own instead of depending on everyone else all the time. But usually there isn’t a point. If one is looking for substance over comedy, look elsewhere. That said, if you adore comedy, especially the kind that leaves reason in the dust, this show will crack you up for sure. Just try not to be drinking anything while watching. It might come out your nose (voice of experience here).

Personal Rating: Young adult

Episodes:  26
Languages: Dub and sub
Official rating: TV14
Genre(s): Comedy
Legal streaming: FUNimation’s YouTube channel (Episodes 1-4 only)
Screen shots:

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