Warning Zone: Sword Art Online

The why:
The violence is a tad high, one character gets stabbed near the end. However, the real defining element that shoved this TV14 show into the WZ was sexual content. In one scene a girl gets undressed (down to her underwear) while under the impression she will be having sexual relations with another character. The scene then changes and she is in bed, seemingly naked and covered only by a sheet. What happened during the time jump is not confirmed, but very much implied (the fact that they are only about 16 years old and in a virtual game makes it all the more eerie). Near the end of the series, this same female’s shirt and over skirt are ripped off and the villain sexually harasses her. No details appear on screen, but the sounds made and the movement of the characters’ bodies make it very clear what’s occurring.

Personal thoughts:
I personally didn’t like this show, mainly due to the numerous issues with the storyline and character relationships. If I were to attempt explaining these issues, I’d likely be writing long into the night. Besides, other bloggers have already done personal impression reviews of their own and some have said it better than I. Suffice to say, many people liked this show. A few didn’t like it. It seems to boil down to what kind of shows one likes. If you don’t mind plot holes so long as the romance aspect is always prioritized, you might like this (if the mature content doesn’t put you off your tea first). But if you like heroes that stand up for something besides their own selfish desires, and prefer romance to be a side affect, not a main dish, this show will likely be a sea of frustration for you.

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5 thoughts on “Warning Zone: Sword Art Online

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  2. well that sucks, even though I’m not expecting a ton from the show when I do watch it, but knowing that ahead of time will probably downgrade the show until later.
    As I really hate it when shows carelessly drop a characters morality for the sake of Fanservice (or as far as Ecchi in this case)

    • It’s sad really. This show honestly would have done a lot better without the sexual junk. After all, most shows that depend on that stuff for viewers start out with it. But this show didn’t. The “fanservice” starts later on. In other words, this show already had a fanbase that was totally cool without any fanservice. It just wasn’t needed. And to go over the top with it like this… It was so many levels of “why?”

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