Extra: A splatter of shows for 2013

No, I’m still not watching every new stream that comes out. I do have a life, contrary to popular belief. That said, I am in the middle of a few random shows and, seeing as how I have not posted any line up posts yet this year, let’s trip on down the rabbit hole together, shall we?

Minami-ke (season 4)
I have nooo clue what happened to seasons one through three, but it hardly matters. This show is a whole lot of… well, nothing in particular. There are three sisters and this show pretty much just follows them around. Oh and the people around them are kinda weird. Think of the random comedy and laidback attitude of Lucky Star without the nerd references. That’s what this show is in a nutshell. It’s currently being streamed by FUNimation with new episodes every Friday.

Blast of Tempest
Shakespeare and anime. I thought I’d seen that with RomeoxJuliet, but this show takes on Hamlet and it takes it on in the weirdest way imaginable. The opener is amazingly catchy and the animation is great. And, as expected from something inspired by the Shakes-man himself, the characters are quite well written thus far. Though the addition of magic in the modern world and weird trees and iron fruit and such puts a very bizarre spin on things. It also makes the theatrics in this show a bit over the top at times. But, hey, when isn’t Shakespeare over the top? This show is currently being streamed by Crunchyroll.

Madoka Magica
I actually have yet to begin this one, but I can’t tell you have many requests I get for reviews on it. So, after checking to be sure it’s TV14 or under, I have decided to give it a go. However, I have reservations about possible gore as some places mark “horror” as an element of this show… Only time will tell if this show gets a full review here or ends up in the Warning Zone. Wish me luck? This show is currently being streamed by Crunchyroll.

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Raised on everything from Moby Dick to the Star Wars X-Wing books from a young age, it came as no surprise to anyone who knew me that I’d become a literature graduate and avid writer. But my love of a good story wasn’t restricted to the written word in my early years. Star Trek, Mystery Science Theater 3000, and badly dubbed Godzilla flicks helped shape my love of science fiction on screen as well. I wrote my first story while in the second grade. It was a horrifying tale about murdering a fairy-eating dog via a slice of pizza (in my defense, my only exposure to pizza was in the cafeteria and I swear you could legitimately kill someone with those things). I was a special snowflake. Today I write science fiction, fairy tales, Gothic epistolaries, fantasy and anything else that pops into my bizarre and twisted mind. I write new articles for my blog every Tuesday and Thursday. And if you happen to fancy Japanese animation, I also run an anime review blog, RRAR, which updates every Monday.

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