Romeo x Juliet Review

In the aerial continent of  Neo Verona, a young woman named Juliet is the last remaining member of a royal line brutally murdered by the land’s new tyrant king. Destined to destroy the man who killed her entire family, Juliet’s hand is stayed by Romeo, the tyrant’s son whom she accidentally comes to know and love.

This show starts out with the betrayal of the royal family and it shows one person bleeding to death and another getting stabbed. The blood levels in this opening part are about as bad as it gets. Yet that violent element is rarely used, despite the tense and dangerous circumstances throughout the show. In other words, so long as you can get through episode one, you should be just fine.

Not much in this category. Some average stuff, like a d-mn or two, but nothing heavy or frequent.

Nothing much here either. Aside from a scene in the rain where two characters take off wet clothes and wear only their underwear. Don’t worry though. It’s very clean. Both are covered more than what one finds on a beach (she in an under dress and he in pants). That said, the scene is pretty tense feeling for obvious reasons. Also, at one point it becomes clear two characters are living together. Although it’s handled tastefully and nothing inappropriate is shown, it’s still worth mentioning. It’s also worth noting that one female character kisses another on the lips near the end. It’s not sexual in nature, but it is a tad disturbing.

This is probably the weirdest part of this show. There’s this strange tree thing that, from my understanding, keeps the whole continent airborne. And, of course, this tree is worshiped as some kind of god/guardian thing and it’s somehow connected to the old royal family. I was never completely clear on how that all worked. Truth be told though, this world has flying continents and Pegasus (aka flying horses). Realism isn’t the main agenda for this show. In any case, this particular element of the story actually only affects the tail end of the show and really isn’t discussed in depth.

Personal Impression:
If I gave the impression that this show has a “good” ending, I’d be lying. So before I say anything else, know this: The ending of Shakespeare’s original tale is kept intact. That’s right. No alternate ending going down. It’s only fair you know in case sad/tragic endings affect your mental state in dangerous ways.
If you don’t mind the tragedy aspect of Shakespeare, however, this show delivers the romance aspect a whole lot better. That’s right, better. Mainly because you’re with these characters longer and thus their relationship makes far more sense. Also, political tension remains high in this series, so even if pure romance isn’t your thing, this show isn’t bad. The animation, story elements and music are all pretty good too. It even has a few well done fight scenes now and again.
Even so, romance is the main draw of this series. The theme song is the Japanese version of “You Raise Me Up,” after all. So don’t expect Indiana Jones here. But if romance is your thing, by all means. Just don’t expect a perfect ending. You won’t find one here (though it is refreshingly clean considering the storyline).

Personal Rating: 10 and up

Episodes: 24
Languages: Sun and dub
Official rating: PG
Genre(s): Romance, fantasy
Legal streaming: FUNimation’s site and YouTube channel
Screen shots:

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