Chrome Shelled Regios Review

Layfon lives in a harsh world in the future, where civilization has been pushed into traveling settlements. These giant spheres move ahead of the various destructive creatures that wonder the wasteland outside. Exiled for a crime he committed long ago, Layfon attempts to build a new life for himself, but ends up once again on the battlefield he tried so hard to avoid.

The violence is pretty high, what with creatures and humans fighting and whatnot. It’s nothing worse than Fullmetal Alchemist though. Some blood, monsters being torn apart, people being stabbed. If violence is too much for you, you should probably avoid this show.

The worse language in this show would likely be in these random flashbacks where everyone is speaking in heavily accented English. D-mns, sh-ts, b-words and perhaps an f-bomb (it’s hard to tell when the English is so mangled). It’s still cleaner than many PG13 movies out now, language-wise. Especially as the language isn’t every other word or anything. Even so, it’s something to be prepared for.

Ok, there be some fanservice in this here show. Not as bad as some, but worth mentioning. There is a pool episode (bikini level stuff only though), shots that linger on large chests a bit too long and a female character that likes grabbing the chest of another girl. It’s actually about the same level of fanservice as The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. It pushes things, but still sticks to YA.

Some characters have powers and the settlement things move using a special power source. Even so, religious stuff is largely left out of this show.

Personal Impression:
This show was actually pretty interesting, though a bit predictable at times. It even had a few funny parts. That said, this show wasn’t ground breaking for me. Maybe it was the predictable all-girls-fall-for-one-guy deal or something, but this show wasn’t the shizzle by my standards.
The art, music and fight scenes are pretty average overall. And the story is only unique for the number of elements in play, which increases considerably as the show goes on. However, a few elements were just beyond weird, like the little “flashbacks.” Why in English? Why different animation styles? So many “why”s and no answers given. So if details like that bug you, this show should probably be skipped. But if you don’t mind a few unexplained points, and like action, this show delivers. Just don’t expect Shakespeare to show up to the party. He wasn’t invited.

Personal Rating: Young adult

Episodes: 24
Languages: Sub and dub
Official rating: MA
Genre(s): Action, fantasy, fighting
Legal streaming: FUNimation’s site and YouTube channel
Screen shots:

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2 thoughts on “Chrome Shelled Regios Review

  1. nice quick pointer review. I agree about those “flashback!” scenes were too random (ok, Phineas and Ferb have ruined me). :D

    That being said, the shows potentiak wont be realizes in a sequel. It’s been almost 6 years since the last light novel was written, and nothing has even been hinted of continuing the series. Which…is a shame.

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