Neo Angelique Abyss Review

Angelique doesn’t like seeing others in pain, yet her world is rank with it. Creatures called Thanatos roam the land, draining people of life. Only a few humans, called Purifiers, have the ability to stop these monsters. When it is revealed that Angelique has this special ability, and in great supply, she is recruited to join an advanced team of Purifiers called the Orb Hunters who dedicate their lives to saving towns from the destructive Thanatos.

Despite a decent amount of fighting with the creatures, there really isn’t much blood as the creatures disappear into bits of light. A few cuts and such occur on the humans from fist fights. Nothing extremely violent. A few people either become “possessed” by the Thanatos or try to gain the power of purification artificially and thus are in great amounts of pain. So the violence is thus pretty low overall.

Unfortunately, one character uses the “illegitimate son” word more than once. Other than that, however, the language is light to nonexistent most of the time and restricted to such words as d-mn.

Not much in this category either. In fact, it’s cleaner than most. The only element worth noting might be a scene in which the heroine comes across a guy taking a bath in a lake. He isn’t dressed, but thankfully we never see anything below the waist. Even so, it’s a bit uncomfortable. Another note might be a few bikini like outfits worn by some women in season two. Nothing beyond beach level stuff though.

This show, like many from Japan, contains odd references to a Catholic like religion. No outright worship is discussed, but often people are told to “pray for the Queen” and later to pray to her, seemingly. This is never really talked about in depth nor focused on. It is also worth noting that Angelique often takes a praying stance when using her ability. Again, no discussions on this are made so viewers can really just come to their own conclusions about it.

Personal Impression:
This is a shoujo (girl) show in every sense of the word. Every dude in this is prettier than the last. And, of course, they’re all in love with the heroine. Nearly every plot element is tragically predictable. That said, it’s a pretty clean show. Especially considering that they do indeed have the option of random fanservice cheap shots throughout, but never take it. It’s a nice change from other shows that take as many cheap shots as possible. However, the romance aspect is strong enough to overshadow the action, but not quite strong enough to get itself an actual conclusion. So if you go into this show wanting the romance to conclude nicely, look elsewhere. This show takes its plot seriously, pretty much forgetting it’s a shoujo show in the process. So many will likely find the ending to be extremely disappointing. Or, at the very least, anti-climatic. In any case, it’s your average shoujo sprinkled with some action. The art, music and plot never say otherwise. But if that’s a genre you like, go for it. Just don’t expect any weddings at the end.

Personal Rating: Young adult

Episodes: 26 (this review includes the first and second seasons)
Languages: Sub
Official rating: TV14
Genre(s): Fantasy, romance, action
Website: NA
Legal streaming: Crunchyroll
Screen shots:

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