Nanaka 6/17 Review

Nanaka is a high school student who couldn’t be more serious about her studies if she tried. And not only is she serious, but she holds her classmates, specifically her childhood friend Nenji, to the same standard. But when she falls down some stairs on a rainy day, all her hard earned work is gone (along with her attitude) and replaced with the mind of a six year old. Attempting to keep her living a normal life, Nenji and her father work together to keep the change a secret from everyone.

Aside from some slapstick stuff, the violence in this show is pretty none existent. Falling down stairs is probably the most graphic and there’s not a drop of blood involved.

This show is pretty tame in this department as well. Nenji probably has the worst mouth, but he does pretty well at keeping it tame after Nanaka’s “incident.” There’s at least one instance of a creep mouthing off with the “illegitimate son” word. But it doesn’t become an every episode thing, thank goodness. Mainly just a few c-aps, d-mns and such. Even so, why this show is officially rated PG is anyone’s guess. The only reason this show got bumped up from 10+ to YA in my book was the language. A shame really.

None existent. There’s a magical girl transformation sequence at one point, but I’m pretty sure Sailor Moon has more “revealing” scenes.

Besides a girl being told her mother “wouldn’t be happy in heaven” seeing her crying, there’s nothing really to put in this section either.

Personal Impression:
Cute and short. That’s pretty much this show in a nutshell. It does have a serious angle. Near the end, Nanaka has to face some serious issues with her own personality and her feelings. But overall this show stays light and fun. The art and such is pretty old by today’s standards, but it matches the cute feel of the show well. And it is worth noting that the issue of over-dedication to her studies is one which plagues many teenagers in Japan. The Land of the Rising Sun puts a lot of pressure on students, connecting academic success to overall success in life.This often becomes such an issue of stress, that many lose sight of why they wanted to do well in the first place. Many often lose their dreams along the way as well, their lives becoming filled with nothing but grades and losing its flavor. Now I’m not going to say this show is attempting to tackle such a serious issue head-on. But I do think they wished to bring it to light. Even if only for the sake of general discussion. And it does so in such a way that a few laughs can be had too.
Overall, this show is a wonderful break from the more violent and inappropriate shows of today. It does tackle a few serious issues, but it is not overwhelmed by them. If you’d like a bit of light hearted and clean fun with a hint of serious plot, give this show a try. Just don’t expect deep plot and intrigue. What you see is pretty much what you get.

Personal Rating: Young adult

Episodes: 13
Languages: Dub
Official rating: PG
Genre(s): Slice of life, comedy, drama
Legal streaming: Anime Network
Screen shots:
 photo n1_zps15b3dc1f.jpg photo n2_zps4ab5f260.jpg photo n3_zps9f018c6c.jpg

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