X’amed Lost Memories Review

Takehara was just going to school, as always, when his entire town came under attack from the followers of Hiruko who are ever locked in combat with the reigning military powers. Getting injured and infected in the battle zone, Takehara becomes one of the X’amed, those that follow Hiruko to their death. But they are no ordinary followers. They are far from human and Takehara must come to terms with this new side of himself as he struggles to survive.

The violence levels are probably the worse aspect of this show. The infection and transformation of Takehara is pretty graphic. Nothing beyond Fullmetal Alchemist standards, but still nothing for younger viewers. There are also ripped off hands, limps, gun shot wounds, etc. This isn’t a show for the squeamish.

The regular kind of language here. A few b-words flung around in the heat of battle, but nothing every word or anything.

Nothing much to report here. Besides some jokes and such, there isn’t much fanservice in this show. Although, there are a few shots where a chick’s underwear can be seen during an action shot. It isn’t intentional though and it’s often too fast to easily notice, as in Rideback.

The oddest part about this show is its weird angle on those followers of Hiruko. It works much like a religion. However, as is common in anime, there’s no real explanation or decorum involved.

Personal Impression:
This series is rather tense, which is probably a good thing. After all, it doesn’t take long before you find yourself truly worried for the characters, giving the fight scenes more meaning. And it’s also a rather sad story in all, with no real happy ending in sight for any of the characters. So it makes for an exciting journey, unlike some of the shows today that leave a rather dull taste behind.
The characters themselves are pretty well done overall. Takehara suffers greatly with his condition, especially mentally, and the series takes a great deal of time exploring his end of the tale. There’s also a lot of political intrigue for those that enjoy that kind of thing. However, the ending is not a very good one, ye be warned.
The animation is well done, especially the action sequences. The music is decent and the story is, of course, layered and complex. If you don’t mind a bad ending now and again, this series is a great one to experience. Just don’t expect a sunny ending, or even an expected one.

Personal Rating: Young adult

Episodes: 26
Languages: Sub and dub
Official rating: TV14
Genre(s): Action, fantasy
Website: NA
Legal streaming: Anime Network
Screen shots:
 photo x1_zpsfe552f9c.jpg photo x2_zps9b0be655.jpg photo x3_zpsf21ed60b.jpg

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