Extra: Back to the beginning

There’s something particular about many endings to anime shows. As more than a few frustrated fans have noticed, quite a few end similar to how they began. For example, Haruhi not being in any solidified relationship at the end of Ouran High School Host Club or seeing a vision of Takehara standing by his childhood friend at the end of Xame’d. For fans wanting a better ending, namely those wishing for their favorite OTP (One True Pairing) to become cannon, this swing around to seemingly first base is maddening. Yet it’s not just because companies wish to leave things open for possible sequels (although that might have something to do with it, too).

It actually has to do with Japanese culture. In most European/Western thinking, time is like a line. But in many Asian cultures (though certainly not all), time is often seen as a circle. In other words, everything returns to what it once was eventually. Stumble into a room full of over-the-top male students pretending to be hosts? End on same note. And so on and so forth. As pointless as it may seem to some people, it makes sense if time is indeed circular.

Not that this explanation takes away the feeling of pain one feels when it seems the ending is… a bit too plain after so much time invested in a particular show. Especially when that show is Princess Tutu. Oh gosh, why……

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Raised on everything from Moby Dick to the Star Wars X-Wing books from a young age, it came as no surprise to anyone who knew me that I’d become a literature graduate and avid writer. But my love of a good story wasn’t restricted to the written word in my early years. Star Trek, Mystery Science Theater 3000, and badly dubbed Godzilla flicks helped shape my love of science fiction on screen as well. I wrote my first story while in the second grade. It was a horrifying tale about murdering a fairy-eating dog via a slice of pizza (in my defense, my only exposure to pizza was in the cafeteria and I swear you could legitimately kill someone with those things). I was a special snowflake. Today I write science fiction, fairy tales, Gothic epistolaries, fantasy and anything else that pops into my bizarre and twisted mind. I write new articles for my blog every Tuesday and Thursday. And if you happen to fancy Japanese animation, I also run an anime review blog, RRAR, which updates every Monday.

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