Inu x Boku Secret Service Review

Ririchiyo just can’t function socially. Every time she tries, she just ends up insulting people and being cold. Having gone to an expensive apartment complex to be alone, she soon ends up with a private secret service agent she never signed up for. And, try as she may, getting rid of him is nearly impossible.

Nothing too bad, actually. Mostly slap stick humor. What violence there is never really ends in bloodshed.

Defiantly some of this. Not every episode or anything, but expect at least one instance of the “female-dog-in-heat” word and the usual splatter of d-mns, sh-ts and such.

This is the weird part… Not that much outright nudity. Less than some shows, actually. The worst being Ririchiyo’s sleepwear, which is just an oversized shirt unbuttoned nearly halfway. It shows some modest cleavage, though beaches sport worse. The worst aspect of “nudity” in this show, however, is implied. The male lead is implied to have done some very inappropriate things with women through the years. One character is obsessed with other girls and is a real pervert and a half. Another character has a strong obsession with S&M. No details too horrible, but defiantly not for kids. Also, there’s one scene where the female obsessed…. um, female has a breast poking contest with a big chested maid. Oh and there’s a transvestite maid. Nothing as bad as some of the innuendo in Shangri-la, but, again, not PG stuff.

This really isn’t much of a spoiler so I’ll just out with it (you find out episode one, after all), all the residents of Ririchiyo’s apartment complex are youkai. If these elements of Japanese folklore bother you, skipping this might be good. Also, the idea of reincarnation is heavily implied.

Personal Impression:
This show was a fun ride. Defiantly shoujo, but with plenty of humor to keep it from being boring. The art and music were all quite good as well. The story is really nothing special. Actually, it’s rather predictable overall. But, again, shoujo. That genre isn’t known for uniqueness. Still, there are some merits to be seen in the characters. Ririchiyo seems pretty typical for her character type, but she had good reason to be as she is and her development is pretty well handled overall as is the male lead’s. We don’t get much inside intel on anyone else, however. But then again, this show is pretty short so there’s really not much room for more. Refreshingly, the ending is pretty clear cut though. Unlike many other shoujo shows, this one wraps up the romance aspect neatly. A very nice change from other shows that flounder in indecision before cutting short at some random point.
So if you like heavy comedy and romance, with a bit of dark mixed in, this show is a fun watch with a conclusive ending. Though if you really want to know the backstory of the flying banner guy…. Yeah, you won’t get that. Dang it.

Personal Rating: Young adult

Episodes: 12
Languages: Sub
Official rating: TV14
Genre(s): Supernatural, fantasy, comedy
Website: N/A
Legal streaming: Crunchyroll
Screen shots:
 photo ib2_zps9e63fb0c.jpg photo ib1_zps636563b2.jpg photo ib3_zps1baac7c4.jpg

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2 thoughts on “Inu x Boku Secret Service Review

  1. The worst thing about Soushi is that he never told Ririchiyo about his past before asking his “question” at the end. That made me lose any respect I had for his character. (´・_・`) He finally gained a shred of it back recently, but just barely.

    Hopefully the manga’s ending will be clear cut and happy too…

    • Funny you should mention the manga. Years ago, in my Japanese class at college, one of my friends who planned on becoming a translator had the first manga in original Japanese and was very slowly translating it for practice. So when I ran across the anime roughly a year later I was surprised. I had been under the impression it was far newer and thus an anime wouldn’t be in the works for awhile. But looks like I was wrong xD

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