Amnesia Review

What should one do when waking up to find they have no memories and their only constant companion is a fairy no one else can see? Tell no one and trust no one, apparently. At least, that’s what this heroine decides to do as she attempts to piece her lost memories together and figure out why her life seems to keep repeating the same few weeks over and over again.

Initially this show doesn’t have much violence. However, near the end, this element picks up as the heroine is thrown down a building, nearly shoved in a well and someone tries to stab her to death. Although there aren’t large amounts of blood going everywhere, it’s still pretty tense. Especially as the would-be murderer is more than a few cards short of a deck (which always makes it more scary for me). It’s not a grotesque amount of violence, but it is enough to get this show placed in the YA.

Nothing intensive here, but a few mean girls and a crazy or two let out with the “female dog in heat” word. Not a frequent occurrence, thankfully.

Another place with little to post. Well, nothing straight forward anyway. The only concerns for this section might be some implied lines from a few of the dudes and a very… odd circumstance with one particular guy. He kinda goes way overboard “protecting” her and she ends up in a small cage and being drugged nearly every night. Why this is worrying: it’s brushed off as him “just trying to protect her.” ….Um, no. Just no. I know abuse when I see it. So, yeah, be warned of that bucket of crazy.

Orion, the heroine’s occasional companion, is a fairy and much of the explaination at the end deals with fairy creatures and such. Also, some logic in the show implies that the “world wants the heroine dead.” Which, of course, implies the world is sentient. If these kind of ideas bug you than much of this show will.

Personal Impression:
Don’t ask me for her name. I don’t know. No one knows. Because she apparently doesn’t have one. That should tell you a lot about this show. …It’s also pretty amazing, actually. Sad, but amazing. I mean, tweleve episodes and not once is her name said? Wow. As horrible as it may be, gotta hand it to the writers. They’re quite a sneaky lot.
And speaking of sneaky writing, that’s pretty much the only thing that spices up this show. And it has nothing really do with the characters and everything to do with the plot. Time repeats and whatnot are plot elements I admit to being fascinated by. Amidst all the horribly obvious stereotypes and such, the reasoning behind the heroine repeating time and how some of her broken “flashbacks” fit in with everything got me through the show. And, to be honest, I’m still not sure the pay off was worth it in the end. Although, considering this show is based off a otome game (“girl” game), they managed to make the whole “get with every guy” thing… work. Sort of. Well, they make an attempt at explaining it. Which is more than some shows. Too bad they did nothing else inventive.
The art is pretty detailed, as to be expected. The opener and ending are pretty good too, actually. But the background tracks are mediocre and the characters are atrociously written. Especially the heroine. I know she’s supposed to be “pants” (aka a character that can be any girl), but this show takes that to an extreme. She has ZERO personality. So much so that you can’t help but look forward to her dying after awhile. Just to spice her life up. Cause she sure isn’t going to do that herself. Her favorite activity seems to be looking clueless. And walking in the middle of the street. At night. When the world wants her dead.
I just… Okay, look. If you like pretty boys and enjoy an occasional time twist story, this is somewhat entertaining. But if you like the plot to be more than a contrived plan to give every bishie in a twelve mile radius a shot at the heroine, check out another show. Otherwise the heroine’s constant girly murmurs of helplessness might make your brain ooze out of your ears. Just sayin’.

Personal Rating: Young adult

Episodes: 12
Languages: Sub
Official rating: TV14
Genre(s): Drama, romance
Website: NA
Legal streaming: Crunchyroll
Screen shots:
 photo a1_zps9ec2efb3.jpg photo a2_zpsdc0eaca4.jpg photo a3_zpsada7f14f.jpg

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