Blast of Tempest Review

blast of tempestStory:
Yoshino and Mahiro are complete opposites, yet somehow ended up friends throughout their school days. Until Yoshino’s sister is murdered and her brother’s life becomes encased in a desire for revenge. At the promise of finding his sister’s killer, Yoshino agrees to assist a stranded sorceress and Mahiro ends up caught in the crossfire.

A decent amount of that in this show. People are turned into iron, slapped around in “training,” get shot, and one girl is seemingly murdered and the show depicts her death stylistically with her blood covering the floor in an intricate pattern. If blood makes you queasy, this show is a skip.

The b-words make an appearance, though not every episode. And others, such as sh-t, d-mn, etc come around here and there. It’s not the foulest show around, but it’s not the cleanest either. It well deserves its higher rating.

Another stylistic thing here. The murdered girl is often shown without clothing in the openings and such. No details are seen, just the outline. One girl is “transported” and shows up nude, but, again, nothing shown besides her back, midriff, and such. Also, there are a few inappropriate jokes swung around here and there. They’re pretty bad when they happen though, so this show is defiantly in the YA section.

The weirdest part of the show is the whole “tree” thing. Some people have powers and it is explained that this power comes from the Tree of Genesis. There is also a Tree of Exudes. Some clans worship it and both are treated like gods. Some other ideas about the trees are flung around near the end, but if anything like this makes you uncomfortable, this series will be hard to swallow as this aspect of the show is very important to the overall story and characters.

Personal Impression:
Considering that I’m not really a fan of Shakespeare myself (yeah, I’m a black sheep in the lit major community), I was shocked to find myself enjoying this show. There’s a good amount of both extreme drama and comedy with a heavy helping of action throughout. So, thankfully, this show doesn’t get too bogged down in the long, sometimes nearly meaningless, speeches many Shakespearian works are known for. And don’t worry about the story being too close to Hamlet or the Tempest either. This show’s plot does its own thing in spectacular fashion. Connections made to the Bard’s work are largely abstract, so the story remains fresh. The characters themselves are extremely well built as well, each one having their own motives and obsessions. While it is true that at times things become a bit over the top, the show makes up for it by keeping things moving at a quick and interesting pace with many plot twists being just unusual enough to surprise many viewers.
The art is high level and the music fitting, as well. Overall, this show is a very enjoyable run. If some violence and a few tasteless jabs don’t bother you too much, anyway. Oh and you have to be able to handle huge time related plot twists and such. Your brain will be messed with. This defiantly isn’t a show to watch while half asleep.

Personal Rating: Young adult

Episodes: 24
Languages: Sub
Official rating: TV14
Genre(s): Action, fantasy, mystery
Website: n/a
Legal streaming: Crunchyroll
Screen shots:
 photo bt2_zps87ddf7a9.jpg photo bt3_zps50e45638.jpg photo bt1_zpsce4e52c2.jpg

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