Problem Children are Coming from Another World, aren’t they? Review

Three “special” children are pulled from their different worlds by an odd invitation. All three seek a different life than the ones they already have. Can the new fantasy world they find themselves in, with its many games and dangers, prove interesting enough? Or will their powers only be used by other forces?

This show isn’t really a beat em up show, even so, the fight scenes that are there do contain a bit of blood. Some characters gets cut up and another is stabbed. It doesn’t happen too often, only two or three fights get that intense, but it’s there.

You won’t find the f-bomb, but the normal YA stuff make an appearance, ranging from d-mns to the “illegitimate son” word. As is usual, it’s not every episode, but, like the violence, it is there.

Annnd some awkwardness here. So aside from the usual big busted ladies thing most shows have now a days, including short skirts and such, this show almost got booted to the Warning Zone from just talk. Yep, talk. On more than one occasion, perverted characters let out some pretty extreme innuendo. Some of the worst I’ve heard, actually. It’s only talk, but it still came painfully close to crossing the line. And if this kind of thing bugs you, defiantly skip this show.

There are all kinds of creatures in the world these kids drop into, anything from mythological creatures to vampires and werewolves. Some that even claim to be gods. One storyline also addresses ghosts and such.  Nothing really gets into religions though, so you can rest easy enough there.

Personal Impression:
This show was fun enough for a ride. The animation is decent and the characters are entertaining, although calling them unique would defiantly be an overstatement. Expect what you see because that’s pretty  much what you’ll get. The music is mediocre, but then so is the plot which takes forever to get going. Assuming it ever really did. It’s hard to be sure when the show cuts itself off at only ten episodes, answers pretty much nothing and accomplishes what only a charitable person would call a sub-plot.
Even so, it’s entertaining enough. Things do move quickly. The destination of the events is a black hole, but its movement. Some shows don’t even have that these days. And some of the wit and humor is pretty spot on. Just be prepared for no answers, way more innuendo than anyone could ever want or need and wondering just how long an anime title can be before someone puts their foot down.

Personal Rating: Young adult

Episodes: 10
Languages: Sub
Official rating: TV14
Genre(s): Fantasy, adventure
Website: n/a
Legal streaming: Crunchyroll
Screen shots:
 photo p1_zpscd6ff955.jpg photo p2_zps475bace3.jpg photo p3_zps0ed3265d.jpg

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