Kobato Review

Kobato wants to go to a special place, but before she can do that, she must complete a test. That a stuffed dog gives her. Yeah, it’s a bit crazy. And difficult. Kobato must find people with broken hearts and heal them, filling up a magic bottle with these broken pieces. Add in the fact that Kobato is more scatterbrained then a crazed crow hyped up on sugar and this quest might be anything but smooth.

Other than a few threats from money lenders, there’s not much violence in this show. Unless you count the stuffed dog (don’t laugh) throwing fire from his mouth at Kobato (okay, laugh). No injuries occur, of course. It’s pure slap stick.

Not much in this either. This show is uber tame. There might be a d-mn, but nothing much worse than that and it’s rare.

There’s no nudity in this show at all. Really. Weird, I know, but this show is blissfully clean of such shenanigans.

This show has multiple “worlds,” or dimensions. One is of angels, one of demons and, apparently, God is thrown in there too. It’s hard to figure out as this information is told in passing and never really explained. So, while the whole God conversations are odd and make no sense, it doesn’t teach a doctrine of any kind. And while there is an implication that the ones being focused on were once demons now being punished for trying to take over heaven (I have no idea how that even works), there is no religious implications attached to them. Like many anime shows, being called a “demon” is about the same thing as being an alien.

Personal Impression:
This show is like many CLAMP shows to me. Just sitting there. It may be entertaining for one watch. So long as you don’t mind a slow plot and cliches all over. For me it was a bit too slow and I often felt bored throughout. I also always feel sorry for that one really nice guy that never gets the girl because she’s fixated on the “bad boy” character. So, yeah. That cliche didn’t help matters either.
That being said, there were one or two funny episodes. And the animation and music fit well together. And, hey, it’s a clean show. Which is pretty rare these days. It’s just not that exciting.

Personal Rating: All ages

Episodes: 24
Languages: Sub
Official rating: PG
Genre(s): Drama, fantasy
Website: n/a
Legal streaming: Crunchyroll
Screen shots:
 photo k2_zps79b20033.jpg photo k1_zpse3f90e08.jpg photo k3_zpsd7bed499.jpg

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