Gosick Review

Kazuya Kujo transferred to St. Marguerite Academy to study. But the school is fascinated with ghost stories, fairy tales and the occult. While exploring the large library there, he eventually runs into a strange girl living on the top floor. Her name is Victorique and she has the ability to solve any mystery that comes her way, including those the police are unable to crack.

Initially the violence isn’t high in this show, but there are instances of quick violence and by the end this trend picks up. Some people get shot, cut, etc. It’s not gory, but it doesn’t shy from the color red either. Also one woman seems to be in a very abusive relationship. We don’t see anything definite as to beatings, but we do see her chained to a table in one scene (see Nudity for more info).

Nothing overused here either. One or two instances of the b-words flung out in rage, but rare.

Overall there is none of this. However, there is one woman whose story is quite… extreme. She’s a dancer and eventually gets into a bad crowd. Although we don’t see it, she ends up pregnant and strapped to a table while giving birth. She’s dressed, but the imagery is clear. She was raped. And probably tortured as well. The birthing scene has a lot of screaming too, so be warned that it’s intense. It’s also, arguably, the most horrendous scene in this show.

There is rumored to be a group of people who have unusual abilities, like seeing things before they happen, etc. However, the show is vary ambiguous on if they actually are special humans or just very smart. Both arguments could be made. They could have ESP or they could have been forced to be super smart because everyone else thought they were, aka they did it to survive. No answer to this is given officially. That said, this show will probably still bring up a lot of issues, like family abuse, war, etc. It’s not a carefree show.

Personal Impression:
This show was amazing. I loved every minute of it. It had been quite some time since I had seen a show that kept me so on the edge of my seat, but this show managed it over and over again. Of course every rose has its thorns. And this one is defiantly the darker undertones of the show (the rape and such). Even though it doesn’t show much, these scenes are still very intense and nearly got this show knocked into the warning zone. Depending on how sensitive you are to these things, you might want to call a pass on this.
But if it doesn’t bother you or you think you can take it, go for it! This show lives up to its stance as a Sherlock inspired tale. The mysteries are amazing, the plot intricate and characters wonderful. This show is worth every minute of viewing time. So much so, that I was sad to see it end, even though everything tied up rather well. As for the technical things: the art, music and such are all decent, though non-stellar on their own. Again, the characters and plot are where it’s at. So if you love mysteries, dig in! Just… don’t expect a US release. Ever. This title is still streaming legally (thankfully), but it was bought by Bandai. Yeah. No US release for this one. A real shame as this show is a gem.

Personal Rating: Young adult

Episodes: 24
Languages: Sub
Official rating: TV14
Genre(s): Mystery, action
Website: n/a
Legal streaming: Crunchyroll
Screen shots:
 photo g1_zpse8b5c9a7.jpg photo g2_zps901b85ab.jpg photo g3_zps27664c98.jpg

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4 thoughts on “Gosick Review

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  3. As another fan of Gosick I just had to mention that the novel series has started again so in a few years there is a (very) slight possibility of a sequel. I’m reading the Japanese novel as soon as I can get my hands on it, but it’ll take awhile…

    • I had no idea there even was a light novel. Very cool! Too bad so few light novels get translated and published here, though.

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