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Yukito and Misuzu. Both are awkward, although for different reasons. Yukito is a traveler and not used to getting attached to much of anything, while Misuzu can’t afford to attach herself to people as it makes her illness worse. Falling for each other was perhaps inevitable, but beating the odds may not be possible.

Violence is more implied in this show than shown. We know people died in the legend, but nothing graphic is ever revealed.

As with the TV series, not much here really. Maybe a b-word once or twice, but nothing any stronger and nothing at all frequent.

This area is worse than the TV series, but still nothing all that bad. Some “artistic” nudity when going over the legend of the star-crossed lovers is shown briefly and it’s so “artistic” that it’s actually hard to tell what it is. In another scene a woman surprises a young man by walking outside in underwear and a see-through nightgown. No details are seen in both cases, but it wasn’t really needed either.

Ideas such as fate are presented and it is even implied at times that the two main characters are reincarnations of previous lovers. Nothing is straight forward, however, and it’s easy enough to disregard the “legend” aspect of the story entirely as it’s only there in brief bursts and nothing is ever confirmed in the show.

Personal Impression:
To be clear, this movie is a retelling of the anime version and thus you don’t really need to watch the TV series to get it. However, this movie tries to cover a lot of ground with precious little time. Which means that the emotional punch is far lighter in this version and the back story is difficult to follow.  It’s also not held back by needing to be aired and thus, like many movie adoptions, pushes the PG13 rating a bit more. It also focuses a bit more on romantic interests, like the original (and very much M rated) game did. Which, considering that the series made the main relationship platonic, kinda creeped me out. My brain doesn’t switch gears from “family-like” to “let’s be a thing!” easily. Especially when one person seems to be so much older than the other.
Relationships aside, this movie does try hard to be visually stunning and all that. It even has a few scenes that almost make it. But trying too hard to be on award winning grounds with only subpar plot planning, doesn’t quite pan out. The story feels rushed and so do the relationships. The animation is good enough, but nothing groundbreaking for a movie. The music is also just kinda there, most of the better tracks taken from the first TV adoption. Like many movie retellings, this one just tries to do far too much with far too little time, especially as the legend of the lovers that parallel the present day plot is rushed to such a pace as to make it largely unnecessary.
If you like sad stories, you might enjoy this film version, especially as it does (thankfully) whittle down the cast to only three. But if you enjoy getting to know characters a bit better or just having a clearer idea of what’s going on, this movie might be trying a bit too hard.

Personal Rating: Young adult

Episodes: movie
Languages: Sub and dub
Official rating: PG13
Genre(s): Drama
Website: n/a
Legal streaming: n/a
Screen shots:
 photo a2_zps397b3a13.jpg photo a1_zps9375cf04.jpg photo a3_zps2a7caea2.jpg

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