Squid Girl -Season 1- Review

Squid Girl is from the sea and dead set on conquering all of mankind. In her mind, it’s the only way to protect the ocean, which humans have been polluting and abusing for centuries. However, the first spot she chooses to conquer is a beach house owned by two sisters with strong wills and a little brother who just wants to play. And they aren’t giving up their claim of the beach easily.

There’s pretty much no violence in this show as it’s pretty much entirely slap stick at worst. That said, there is a pretty spooky episode concerning broken dolls. It’s clearly a joke episode on horror anime. All the same, small children would probably be scared by it. Oh and one girl has a nose bleeding issue and gets beat up. It’s slapstick humor, but there is a bit of blood.

It’s pretty much nonexistent, but one might make an argument that all of Squid Girl’s “squid talk” is a replacement for cursing. It’s hard to say for sure. She says “kraken” and such a lot. It’s clean on the surface, although, again, one could make an argument that it’s cursing in disguise.

This show is a comedy and one source of that comedy is a female character who is extremely obsessed with Squid Girl. She has nose bleeds thinking of her and even says some pretty crazy stuff clearly meant to be taken the wrong way (like “I wish she would squirt sticky substances all over me.” Item in question being squid ink). It’s all a joke, but it could end up uncomfortable pretty easily. Other than that, the show is clean. Of course, nearly every episode takes place on the beach so there are a lot of people in bikinis and tanks. Nothing too over the top, but one or two girls have a decent… figure.

Squid Girl is… well, a squid girl. She has many squid abilities and yet is also human. This is never really explained. Also, one or two people imply evolutionary theories as they talk about Squid Girl’s origin and humans, but it’s only in passing.

Personal Impression:
This is a fun, though short, show (there is a second season, but it is done by a different company). It’s clearly based on a four panel comic from the way the episodes are segmented. However, it’s not quite as funny as other four panel based shows I’ve seen, such as Azumanga Daioh and Nichijo. Even so, it’s entertaining. It even turns sweet a few times as Squid Girl begins to desire family, something she had not experienced before.
If you like plot and deep character development, this show probably isn’t for you. But if you’re just fine with surface character progress, a few laughs and a genuinely bright show, give this one a go! Just remember when watching the dub, a “lifesaver” is a beach lifeguard. Not a fruit flavored candy.

Personal Rating: 10+

Episodes: 12
Languages: Dub or sub
Official rating: TVPG
Genre(s): Comedy
Website: n/a
Legal streaming: Crunchyroll and Hulu
Screen shots:
 photo s1_zps6a6a5546.jpg photo s3_zps36392817.jpg photo s2_zps284d6c3b.jpg

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