Special A Review

Hikari has always been second best compared to Kei and she’s so concerned with this endless competition, that she doesn’t realize it when Kei falls in love with her. Thus begins a constant struggle for Kei to show he loves Hikari and for Hikari not to get the wrong idea. But she probably will. Where else would the comedy come in? PS – Don’t touch the sloth.

Most of the violence in this show is slapstick, but there are a few tense parts later on. One character seems super dangerous at one point and there’s some dramatic fighting. Not much blood besides a few cuts, though.

Aside from some tense moments where the “illegitimate son” word is used, not much to say. A few d-mns and such, too. But it’s rare.

Again, not much, thankfully. There is one scene in which a character becomes intoxicated. She nearly removes her clothing from feeling too hot. She never ends up doing so. Also, one female character is obsessive over another. It’s strange at times, but clean overall.

I’m not sure what to say here as there’s really nothing to say at all. Aside from some thinking they are cursed or have bad luck, nothing that controversial is brought up.

Personal Impression:
This is supposed to be a romantic comedy, but often times the comedy takes the first seat. Which is just fine with me as I prefer comedy to romance. But don’t worry. Unlike other shows *cough*SchoolRumble*cough* this one does close with the main character’s love story “wrapping up.” So those that hate ambiguous endings, breathe easy.
Putting this aside, there were some interesting elements to this show versus others in the same vein. For one thing, the side characters seem a bit more full. They has a few stories of their own, and while not every single one gets their own story played out, they each add to the comedy element significantly and a few are even necessary to the plot.
Even so, the plot itself isn’t deep. And the art and music is mediocre. This anime, as funny as it can be in places, isn’t ground breaking. And it’s not the most memorable either. Still, if you want a dash of romance with plenty of comedy, this is a fun show to check out. Just don’t expect it to be any deeper than it first seems. Because it’s not.

Personal Rating: Young adult

Episodes: 24
Languages: Sub
Official rating: TV14
Genre(s): Comedy, romance
Website: n/a
Legal streaming: Hulu
Screen shots:
 photo sa1_zps6f654bfb.jpg photo sa2_zpsc37cf7a2.jpg photo sa3_zps2b2f022b.jpg

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