My Little Monster Review

Shizuku has only ever cared about studying. Ever. So when she is forced to interact with the school delinquent, Haru, and ends up becoming his only real friend, her once simple world crashes in on itself. Not only must she deal with Haru’s eccentric and occasionally violent behavior, but she also finds that they have become a magnate for other friendless enigmas. Guess she’ll have to kiss her perfect test scores goodbye.

Haru is prone to violence. While we never see some of his worst exploits in detail, there is one place on campus where a blood imprint of a body is on the wall. Which is probably the worst violence in the show, though you can expect some bloody noses from punches and such as well.

Along with fights, come punks with big mouths. It’s not common, but expect the b-words to be swung out a few times. Other than that, it’s the usual d-mn and sh-t fare common in TV14 titles.

This section is pretty much entirely innuendo, aside from one scene where Haru strips in class (seen only from the back for a few seconds). Haru makes more than a few comments that are inappropriate (although not as bad as Problem Children, thankfully). Nothing ever happens and it’s pulled out mainly for comedy and little else. But it’s there, bunking this show to YA for sure.

Aside from some luck predictions at a New Year’s festival, there’s nothing going on in this section.

Personal Impression:
I fully admit that I enjoyed this show. Yes, technically it’s shoujo, which I’m not usually too fond of. But the comedy in this show more than makes up for it. As do the other relationships going on all around them. In that regard, it felt more like the comedy middle ground between Special A and Ouran.
The main love interest is far more sound than other shoujo series, although Haru’s emotional instability is sure to cause serious issues in the future. But that, in conjunction with his growing relationships with others, only makes the show more interesting. In other words, it doesn’t drive its shoujo side into the ground. In some ways, that element is a side story and most of the show derails itself to look at the friendships all around the characters. And, of course, since the season ends with a wide opening, a second season just might be in the cards.
So if you don’t mind a bit of shoujo in your anime, like plenty of comedy and don’t mind the main male hero to have some instability in the sanity department, this show is a really fun watch. Just don’t expect a complete conclusion. You might need to sit tight for the next season. If we get one.

Personal Rating: Young adult

Episodes: 13
Languages: Sub
Official rating: TV14
Genre(s): Comedy, romance, drama
Website: n/a
Legal streaming: Crunchyroll
Screen shots:
 photo mlm2_zps2df2dba8.jpg photo mlm1_zpsb8d344f6.jpg photo mlm3_zps504099db.jpg

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