The Devil is a Part-Timer Review

Sadao works part time at a burger joint. He barely makes enough for rent. And he’s the devil king, Satan. Or he was before the hero Emilia trashed his place and forced him to retreat through a portal. Now he plans on conquering the world a different way. One shift at a time.

Most of the violence in this show is slap stick, but there are a few more violent bits. Some blood is shown via punching and getting cut. Nothing too bad, but it’s there.

Yeah, expect a few d-mns, and b-words flung about. This show isn’t aimed at younger ages.

Despite having plenty of innuendo and fanservice moments, actual nudity is rather low in this show. One character is well endowed (isn’t that always the case?) and her chest size is often the butt-end of a joke or two. Also, near the end, one enemy implies he means to rape a girl. He doesn’t get the chance, thankfully.

This is gonna be weird, but remember: Japan. Okay? Right. So the “devil” in this show is not the one from western culture. Not even close (although at times they try to make it seem as if he is). The story sets him and “the church” in a different dimension. A whole other world. Biblical names and church history bits are used randomly in that world, but it often rings more Catholic in places and then just deteriorates out to whatever the show creators felt like that day. In other words, it tries at times to blend religion and magic and heaven knows what else, but in the end it’s all pure fantasy with characters that have the same names as those found in the Bible and little else. This show is mainly focused on comedy and it doesn’t ever forget that for long.
That said, if the mere idea of these things bother you, skip this one. The symbolism, however weak, is kept throughout. One character even falls in love with the “devil.” It’s not a “theme” that goes away (if you can even call a story element created simply to have characters put in the most awkward positions possible a “theme”).

Personal Impression:
I found this show to be hilarious and looked forward to new episode uploads while it was simul-cast. The characters are mainly stereotypes, but it hardly matters when they’re so bloody hilarious. While every once in awhile a point is almost made about judging others and such, that part is clearly the backseat passenger to the comedy (it’s best not to dig deeply into this show. There’s nothing to see).
The animation is decent and so is the music, although not spectacular in their own right. So long as you don’t take things too seriously, chances are you’ll find this show a fun ride. Just be sure you don’t read into some of the “religious” implications too much. It’s a labyrinth of half-backed research riddled with inconsistency. In fact, you might even say that it was done on purpose to joke on the many western myths and stories that conflict with each other. With a show like this, it’s hard to tell.

Personal Rating: Young adult

Episodes: 13
Languages: Sub
Official rating: TV14
Genre(s): Comedy, action
Legal streaming: Hulu
Screen shots:
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