Chance Pop Session Review

Reika’s pop-idol performance changed the lives of three young girls. Years later, they find themselves put into a band together, needing to find not only their own voice, but one in which they all share.

There’s little to say in this category. There is talk of a girl’s parents dying, but we never really see any violence. Which makes sense considering what this show is about.

Not much in this department either, really. There’s some slam talk between girls, but nothing too bad really. Maybe some d-mns, but nothing to write home about.

There is a shower scene or two, but they don’t show the full body, just the lower legs, arms, head, ect.

People talk a great deal about the angel of music, almost as if it were a god. But there’s no real worship of it, just a lot of nearly creepy talk and such.
One girl lives at a church and occasionally ideas like God not approving of “worldly” music is brought up. Not for long and it doesn’t play into any major plot elements, but it’s there. Along with some Japanese hymns being sung in said church.

Personal Impression:
This show isn’t the most interesting, as it’s so predictable. The music and art is also aged (this is an older show, after all). Nevertheless, it’s a sweet show, if a touch overdramatic. It’s the kind of show where you don’t walk away mentally scared or worry you might have nightmares over (well, you might have a nightmare about Reika’s overused and awkward dance moves).
I wish there was more to say about this show, but there really isn’t. I walked away from it feeling almost as if I’d never watched it. It wasn’t really compelling, but, again, it was a nice show. It just doesn’t have much of a flavor. Other than pop. Lots of pop. Old 90s Japanese pop.

Personal Rating: 10+

Episodes: 13
Languages: Sub or dub
Official rating: PG
Genre(s): Drama, comedy
Website: n/a
Legal streaming: Crunchyroll
Screen shots:
 photo cps1_zps1b0378f9.jpg photo cps3_zpsb177a0c5.jpg photo cps2_zps90ceb460.jpg

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