Kaleido Star Review

Sora is an amazing natural acrobat performer from Japan who has a dream of entering and performing on the acclaimed and world famous Kaleido Stage! But upon her arrival, she finds that her raw talent alone is not enough. She’ll need to work even harder to master her skills and she’ll also have to learn to compete with other acrobats if she wants to claim her place on stage.

The violence is pretty low here. Aside from sprains, broken bones from stage injury and minor cuts, there’s nothing to fear here. Just be sure not to attempt some of this stuff at home.

Not much here either, although the simple d-mns, and such are to be expected.

There are a few bath scenes, but as usual, nothing is really seen. One character is a perv that keeps trying to sneak a peek at the heroine and some of the costumes are quite tight and show skin. Nothing worse than beach attire, however.
(PS – there is an OVA that has quite a bit more fanservice. Mostly this means the camera lingering on the chest area and cleavage and such. Nothing worse than beach stuff, but it is a different tone)

There is the Fool, who is kinda like the Phantom of the Opera in this show. He’s not “real,” but kinda like a spirit of some kind. He also uses tarot cards and a magic ball to “see” future events. Not that it matters much though. His “predictions” are always vague and never really interfere with the plot.

Personal Impression:
This show was oddly entertaining. So long as you can stomach the vast amounts of drama, that is. Because rest assured, that’s what this show is selling. In vast quantities.
This said, the art and music are all decent, although old by today’s standards (the actual animation of the acrobatics can be quite good, however). But the one thing that keeps the show interesting is probably the fact that one really wants the main character to do well. Maybe because everyone else is either a jerk or just plain stupid, so you want the most likeable character to have one over on them.
…That was darker than I intended, but it’s the honest truth. Of course, this also means there’s a lot of frustration in this show as well. When characters are stupid or redundant, they’re REALLY redundant. So if you like drama, this is your kinda show. Just don’t expect deep plot. The drama is really as thin as it seems.

Personal Rating: 10+

Episodes: 52 (+1 OVA)
Languages: Sub and dub
Official rating: TVPG
Genre(s): Drama
Website: http://www.funimation.com/kaleido-star
Legal streaming: FUNimation‘s site and Hulu
Screen shots:
 photo ks1_zps2b0f9493.jpg photo ks3_zps06ba2734.jpg photo ks2_zpsb2434fa1.jpg

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