Extra: Wrapping up some streams

As fall comes ever closer, I’m finding myself nearing the end of a few streaming shows. And I must say that I’m quite surprised by them. They were not what I expected. And seeing as how they’re almost wrapped up, now’s the time to jump on in yourself.

The Eccentric Family
If you like the more artsy/contemplative shows, this one might be for you. It feels laid-back on the surface and its pace largely fits this bill. But what some of the characters face are not black and white issues, but complicated messes of human nature, animal nature and why one might someday transform into a frog and never transform back. It has heart, but it also has quite a bit of philosophical and theoretical discussion, so if you like clear cut stuff, this might not be your cup of tea.
New episodes posted every Sunday on Crunchyroll

Gachaman Crowds
Oh, hey, it’s our Streaming Pick! Well, if you hadn’t noticed, this is quite the classic brought back to us. It seems Hollywood isn’t the only one with the reboot bug. In any case, this kind of show usually isn’t my thing, but thanks to such a refreshing main character, I’ve come to like this show well enough. Only issue is: will it wrap up nicely? I’ve seen far too many shows start with promise and end in a compromise between cliche and attempts of uniqueness cut short by a rush of plot in very little time. I hope the pacing remains consistent and the ending makes sense. As it stands, the enemy may be a bit too strong for a proper conclusion…
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Rozen Maiden Zurückspulen (2013)
This was very unexpected to me. Rozen Maiden? That show that was so big all those years ago and then sunk along with its US company Geneon (formally Pioneer)? It was the biggest illegally downloaded anime of the year and, naturally, sales sucked. And then the series ended on a cliff hanger (although the cliff hanger in the original manga was far worse). Years passed. Everyone assumed it was over. It had been abandoned.
Then, out of the blue, this appeared.
If you didn’t read the manga, I’m afraid such reading is pretty much a requirement to understanding this as the series immediately picks up where the manga left off (the original anime adoption is an unwanted sibling, I suppose). Although episode one is a recap of sorts, it speeds through it so fast that even fans of the manga, such as myself, were dazed. Nevertheless, the beginning was very promising. Twist upon twist. Unfortunately the latest episodes have become quite unruly. The enemy seems to have all strength and no real weakness, making the rules unclear and explanations reek of an excuse for characters to do whatever they want. A real shame as the start was so strong. Oh, well. There’s still time for it to get better. Let’s just hope it does so instead of driving itself into the ground as was the case all those years ago….
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