Skip Beat Review

Kyoko would do anything at all for Shotaro. In fact, she already is. She pays for his living expenses, working nonstop, has quit school and caters to his every whim. All with a huge smile on her face. That is, until she finds out that he’s only using her and plans to do away with her as soon as he can. Full of rage, she vows revenge, but with Shotaro’s popularity as a star protecting him, she’ll have to really go all out to do any damage. She’ll have to become a star herself!

As comedy is a natural part of this show, you can expect slap stick to be the main dish in the violence category. But rest assured that this heroine does want her vengeance and her words can get pretty dark. Nothing too grotesque, but she’s out for blood (she nearly chokes a guy multiple times). and, for the record, there are a few serious overtones in a few episodes. One in which a child is seemingly blamed for her mother’s death and her father is heard saying he can’t stand her. Although it may not technically be violence, they are serious topics and surprisingly dark, so be warned.

Nothing that bad in this sector. Some d-mns, and such. Nothing worse than that, though.

We’re spared anything in this section, too. Aside from Sho’s occasional comment on Kyoko lacking sex appeal, there’s not much to note.

Not much here either (this show is pretty straight forward). Kyoko does have an odd ability that impedes others whenever her anger and malice reach a certain level. They look like little ghosts and symbolize her hate. There are also a few episodes where she plays the role of an angel that commits a sin and becomes a devil. The reasoning is that she only turns evil after killing (although, logically, wouldn’t it be the mere thought and in-action that would be enough?). It’s for a music video and so there’s not much to it besides entertainment, but its there.

Personal Impression:
I found this oddly entertaining, considering the genre. Very possibly because the heroine is so very set on her vengeance, which is pretty justified considering her enemy’s attitude towards everyone, and because of her personal growth. She gets so wrapped up in getting higher in stardom that she comes to find what she truly enjoys in life. Her pursuit of the things she’s come to love and her nearly idiotic excitement over making friends, made her quite loveable. And, thankfully, the romance aspect took a back seat more than once, allowing these other aspects to shine brighter.
That said, the romance is very much present. And the art and music really don’t stray from the typical genre fare either. So if shoujo isn’t your thing, this might be tedious for you. Kyoko’s consuming rage may be entertaining, but it’s no Death Star trench run.
(Hang tight guys. A less “girly” show is on the way for next week. Stay frosty!)

Personal Rating: 10+

Episodes: 25
Languages: Sub
Official rating: TV14
Genre(s): Comedy, romance, drama
Website: n/a
Legal streaming: Crunchyroll
Screen shots:
 photo sb1_zpsdf214a99.jpg photo sb3_zps45d5cb28.jpg photo sb2_zps5390cece.jpg

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