GA Geijutsuka Art Design Class Review

Five friends are working through their days at their school, Ayanoi High School. Together they learn about the arts, goof off and interact with the many “chicken lords” on the grounds.

There’s really no violence in this show besides slap stick. Although there is one episodes where some upperclassmen create a haunted house, complete with corpses with nails through them and such. It’s actually kinda scary looking at first and thus bunks this show up to a PG rating.

Nothing really to say here. There are a few d-mns, but since this show is a light comedy, there’s not much to say.

Art. That’s the only reason there’s any nudity at all in this show. In one episode they go to a museum and there are nude artworks there. To be honest though, this is true to life. I’ve never been in a museum before that didn’t have nude art. So it’s not like it was thrown in for no reason. And the characters do discuss that it’s awkward for them as students and also why it’s considered art.

Not much here besides the reference to Greek deities and such in art. That’s it really.

Personal Impression:
This is a cute show and quite funny in places. If you couldn’t already tell, it’s based off a four panel comic. It’s not as funny as Nichijou or Azumanga Daioh, but it has its own charm. And as I’m a writer, not an artist, I can only imagine that it’s more hilarious to art students (some of the jokes and references are specific to that art form). In any case, I actually learned a little about art through watching this, strangely enough. And I think I’ll stick to writing. It’s cheaper.
The art and music all fit the light hearted and comical tone of the show, soft colors and chibi-like character design with gentle or plucky music to match. Overall, this show is a nice watch for some cute comedy. Especially if you’re into art.

Personal Rating: 10+

Episodes: 12
Languages: Sub
Official rating: PG
Genre(s): Comedy
Website: n/a
Legal streaming: Crunchyroll
Screen shots:
 photo ga1_zps6fccbb31.jpg photo ga2_zpsa5ecacbb.jpg photo ga3_zps404e98f2.jpg

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