Rozen Maiden Zurückspulen Review

(Warning: this show picks up after the events of the manga)

Jun goes to college. He works part time at a bookstore. And he has no idea who Shinku is. That all changes the day he starts to receive strange packages teaching him how to “build his own doll.” Before long, he finds himself plunged into a plot hatched by someone from another dimension who desperately wants to save a doll called Shinku from her twisted and murderous sister doll who has taken her body captive.

Actual violence is pretty low here. We see dolls fighting, breaking and such. We also see humans choked by these dolls. No blood really though.

Not much here either. Besides, d-mn and such this section is bare.

Oh, Japan. You had a good thing going (aside from the bookstore manager’s odd handed remark asking Jun if he had “done” his co-worker). But then you creepily had a doll suck on one of Jun’s fingers. I’m not stupid. I know what you just did. If this had been any worse or happened more than once, I’d have slammed you with a WZ faster than you can say, “artist’s prerogative.” While no actual nudity occurs in this show, these (gracefully) short instances are creepy. Really creepy. And very noted. Viewers be warned.

If the idea of artificial spirits (which are still not explained) and different dimensions and living dolls are okay with you, this show shouldn’t bother you much (aside from the creepiness mentioned above). There’s really not much to say besides that. And seeing as how one must read the manga to actually follow the storyline, if you’ve come this far with these elements this section doesn’t surprise you in the slightest (feel free to check out some more details on this in my review of the original animation).

Personal Impression:
First up, you really need to read the manga before attempting to watch this adoption as it follows the manga’s storyline. Although episode one is entirely a recap, it goes by extremely fast and doesn’t explain much at all. Even though I have read (and own) the manga, I found it quite hard to follow it myself. I can’t imagine the confusion for someone who has no previous experience with this series.
That said, for those who have been waiting for many years for the story behind the Rozen Maidens to finally unfold, I’m sad to say that you might not get what you’re looking for here. While the wait has allowed for a better production in terms of animation, the story is greatly lacking and does not in any way conclude the series. In fact, one might say the situation is worse at the end than it was when it started. Nothing is cleared up and everything only becomes murkier.
This is sad because the series began with promise. The first few episodes are mysterious and captivating. But once the series attempts to answer the mysteries it poses, it runs into issues. Many issues. First up, the rules are undefined. Rules need to be in place for any world to make sense, including fantasy worlds. But the rules of the N-field and the main enemy are completely undefined. Meaning the enemy can do whatever it wants, whenever it wants and doesn’t really have any weakness. As such, it can’t really be killed. In a pitiful attempt to make up for this, the scriptwriters make up excuses for the odd things characters do only after they’ve already done it and they threw in “another” Jun to make it seem as if progress is being made. But this ends up only making the whole situation worse and also distracts from the real main character: the original Jun. As the “original” Jun is rarely seen, we never really see his character development and the end scenes with him feel flat and pointless.
For a continuation fans have been waiting for nearly seven full years to see, this show deeply disappoints in the story department.
If you have moved on after waiting so long for this show to complete itself, it might be best to wait longer to see of a second season will clear this story up and actually give it an ending instead of another useless cliffhanger. Because, rest assured, this series will only bring up the painful memory of why you moved on in the first place: Peach-Pit can’t finish what they start.

Personal Rating: Young adult

Episodes: 13
Languages: Sub
Official rating: TV14
Genre(s): Fantasy, action
Website: n/a
Legal streaming: Crunchyroll
Screen shots:
 photo rmz2_zps81a270dc.jpg photo rmz1_zpsd9892652.jpg photo rmz3_zpseb5fb8c3.jpg

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