Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet Review

Ledo was born and raised to think of and act on nothing but the survival of the human race, a thing which is not always assured in the vastness of space. But when a return jump to his settlement ends with him and his fighting machine spinning out of control, he finds himself on a planet he has never seen before: Earth. But this planet is nothing like the barren frozen wastelands he was told about in history books. This planet is covered by ocean and traversed by human colonies on large ships, one of which is known as Gargantia.

There’s a decent amount of violence, although not nearly as bad as Fullmetal Alchemist. The worst violence isn’t really to humans, but to alien creatures. They do bleed red, so it can be gross. A couple explode, their guts clinging to the robot’s exterior. Also, genetic manipulation is revealed later on and it pretty disturbing. We don’t see many details, but what we do see is pretty creepy, so be warned. This part alone bunks the show to a YA.

Nothing out of the ordinary here. Some d-mns, and s-its. Also, one “go to hell” which was actually hilarious, oddly enough. Language isn’t frequent though, so no worries there.

Japan just can’t stay away from its fanservice, can it? Despite more than one female having a figure only a comic book artist would dare dream up, there are only a few scenes that actually utilize the fanservice punch card. One is a beach episode. With no beach. Its… complicated. Anywho, expect bikinis and junk. Nothing too shocking. Except for the creepy transgenders that show up in a shady street and sexually harass the male lead. It’s all comedy, but has that layer of disturbing to it. Secondly, there is a belly dancing scene. Butt-shakin’ and all. I laughed. A lot. I mean, they’re so darn obvious about it all. But they try to stay on track by cutting back and forth to a serious discussion at the same time. Cause that makes it legit? Whatever. It’s eyeball rolling, but thankfully doesn’t reveal too much. It’s just embarrassing for all human begins to watch (I can’t speak for the non-humans, obviously).

Not much to put here. “God” is thrown around by a strange colony near the end that consider the strong as superior to the weak and whatnot. Claiming it as “God’s judgement” or some such. No scripture is evoked, however. Also, a machine claims to be “God” near the end because it has the ability to lead, and thus control, others. There is no attempt at indoctrination in this show. Just plot points. Pretty obvious ones, at that.

Personal Impression:
This show is short. That’s probably a good thing. While I enjoyed it reasonably enough as I was watching it, it was pretty predictable. And long predictable shows are far less favored than short predictable shows.
The main drive for this series was the mysteries surrounding the main character’s circumstance (why there are difference human settlements, what the enemies actually are, etc) and the main character attempting to understand his new world. In those regards, this show did pretty well. In fact, it actually wasn’t that predictable on the first part. Unfortunately, it was very predictable in the second. Expect a great deal of drama due to miscommunication here (the fact that his machine talks in roundabout ways that are typical Japanese – despite being a “logical” machine with no need to do so – only makes this element worse).
This said, the art and music are typical, if a little disappointing (the theme is very pop and actually clashes a bit with the tone of the show). And because this show is so short, the plot drama a bit more forgivable (less time to do damage, I suppose). Even so, the ending is pretty satisfying, something not many shorter shows afford these days. So if you like to have more closure in an ending, this show will give you that. It also poses a few issues that it never aims to correct (like human experimentation). It makes sense for the world to leave these unaddressed, and it actually adds validity to the world as you know issues still exist out there in the galaxy, even if the main character doesn’t have to directly deal with them anymore. So props to the creators for having the guts to make a more complete world for once.
Just be prepared for more than a few eye rolling drama plot turns throughout. And an opener that screams, “I was picked out of a hat. A pink Hello Kitty hat.”

Personal Rating: Young adult

Episodes: 13
Languages: Sub
Official rating: TV14
Genre(s): Action, science fiction, fantasy
Website: n/a
Legal streaming: Crunchyroll
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