Arata the Legend Review

Arata hates the world he lives in where he is constantly bullied at school. But when his wish to be taken away to another world is actually granted, he finds that being bullied might have been a lot easier to deal with than a coup d’etat hinging on the assassination of the princess by her own subordinates.

Most of this show is pretty stereotypical action violence, nothing that heavy. And then the last few episodes happen where we get the intensely unasked for honor of witnessing a character lose an eye and another character give him one of his own. Thankfully they are in mid shadow so the details aren’t that viable, but the sound effects really make this scene. Hilarious, that is. Honestly, there’s no way to take this kind of thing seriously. You don’t just puck out your eyeball and snap it into someone else’s socket. It’s not a universal nightlight.
Also of note, one of the weapons used is made of what appears to be bone and the room it is in has what appears to be a bunch of corpses in it. It’s pretty creepy, so be warned on that end.

As expected, the usual TV14 fare. You’ve got your everyday sh-t and d-mns alongside the occasional b-words. Nothing unique.

We are wonderfully blessed in this section. There’s not much to report other than a few females having large chests and some of the guys going shirtless on and off (one scene shows Arata taking a bath). Beaches hold more danger. A lot more danger.

First off, there’s the whole idea about being chosen by swords which apparently used to be “gods” and whatnot. Like many shows, not much is explained on this. It’s more mentioned in passing and for all the characters know (or care) the weapons are just super powerful equips. The lead character’s weapon is, of course, pared with the idea of creation and being the “origin” of the weapons or something. Again, this isn’t really explained and it’s pretty much just an excuse to make the hero seem like a hero despite the fact that you could replace his personality with that of a lab rat and get the same results.

Personal impression:
No, really. Nothing unique. In this whole show. Rarely have I seen so many cliches in a single series. In a comedy, this would be a boon. But in a show that’s trying to be taken seriously, it’s just painful. Every move was easily predictable and oftentimes completely flat due to the horrid characters (although I must admit that the whole eyeball exchange scene was pretty left field. I mean, really. I have no words).
The art and music don’t stand out either, making this show the most bland I’ve seen in quite some time. Which is actually pretty amazing as more than a few anime board the cliche bus at some point, but this show never got off. As it’s only twelve episodes, I kept waiting for it to get better… No dice.
That said, it’s gotten good ratings, oddly. So if you haven’t seen too many shows (or played many RPGs) this show might just seem unique to you and keep your interest. But if you’re a seasoned anime viewer, this show might be a bit too ridiculous. And by “a bit” I mean a lot.

Personal rating: Young adult

Episodes: 12
Languages: Sub
Official rating: TV14
Genre(s): Action, fantasy
Website: n/a
Legal streaming: Crunchyroll
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