My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Review

Hachiman Hikigaya is rather unsociable. Actually, he’s more akin to an embittered hermit minus the lonely cabin in the mountains. And this is a set up he’s actually rather content with. Unfortunately for him, his teacher isn’t so positive towards his isolated ways and thus forces him into a club designed to help other students. As it turns out, he’s not the only loner with adjustment issues.

Aside from a few slap stick moments where Hikigaya is punched and receives no permanent damage, there’s nothing to put in this section. Oh, well, there are some fangirl nose bleeds. I know blood is involved, but is that even violence?

This is definitely a YA show. Episode one goes for the gut and fishes out the b-word not just once, but multiple times. Thankfully, this casual love affair with this particular word is not a common occurrence and the rest of the show is more average levels of d-mns and whatnot.

Average YA fanservice here. Chest size comments, nearly every female is far bigger than is natural, etc. We get a few choice swimsuit fan shots as well as one panty shot (along with at least two comments). We’re speared anything excessive. However, one of the male characters is extremely girly. As such, he’s often mistaken for a girl by pretty much every guy in the show. Oh, and there’s a yaoi fangirl. She’s quite… blunt, about her fandom and all the fantasies attached to it. She is, of course, pure comedy, but it can get awkward here and there.

Nothing much in this section beside a comment or two about reincarnation and one very bizarre use of Jesus’ name…. In a pop song. …..It makes no sense at all. None. I’m thinking it was another instance of “let’s throw in common English with no thought to context or significance.” The sad part is, they probably heard it as a curse, thought it was cool slang or a “lighter curse word” and thus threw it in. I doubt anyone on staff really knew what using it entails. But it does go by fast and, as I said, isn’t even used correctly. Even so, it’s worth mentioning.

Personal impression:
I honestly enjoyed this show. Which is worth noting first off as many other shows that streamed recently were a complete miss for me. I heard about this show far before it began to stream and originally I didn’t have many good expectations. I mean, look at that title. It’s not promising in the slightest. Thankfully, it was rather misleading. Is there any romance? Yes. Sort of. Actually, you’ll find the theme of friendship more common. The main characters are misfits that don’t really have or understand true friendship. Thus this series focus primarily on them getting over their various bad habits and isolating hiccups to a point where they understand one another.
As for the comedy, that’s on board for sure. You can expect a truckload of sarcasm and wit from Mr. Hikigaya and, oddly, some great insight. Which is not at all what I was expecting from this show and what ultimately tipped it into my top list for this year. Because of his outsider’s point of view, Hikigaya makes some amazing comments along the way concerning human behavior and it gives many of the characters, even one episode deals, more depth than your average comedy usually allows.
The art is decent, although the music isn’t memorable. But what stands out with this show is defiantly the characters and comedy. And seeing as how the show ended pretty open and it’s so recent, there might be a second season coming. I just hope they don’t get too far into the romance element. These characters still have a bit to learn with trusting each other as friends. Plus we have enough romantic triangle shows, thank you. It’d be nice to see a show that focused more realistically on relationships for once. Not everyone looks at each other as a soul mate, after all.

Personal rating: Young adult

Episodes: 13
Languages: Sub
Official rating: TV14
Genre(s): Slice of life, comedy, romance
Website: n/a
Legal streaming: Hulu
 photo MTRCsnafu1_zps9280ef27.jpg photo MTRCsnafu3_zps52d6fb3f.jpg photo MTRCsnafu2_zps9e1f09b2.jpg

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