Chihayafuru Review

Chihaya Ayase found her passion in grade school thanks to a bespectacled classmate whom everyone else shunned. Years later, Chihaya finally enters high school and attempts to start a team up for Karuta, a game using Japanese poems, memory and speed. She dreams of becoming the Queen of Karuta and being reunited with her old team mates from grade school. But time has changed them all and they each have a long way to go before they can hope to compete for the Master and Queen positions.

You won’t find any real violence here. A few injuries from the game, mainly jammed fingers. Nothing graphic.

There’s nothing really in this section either besides the occasional d-mn and sh-t.

Again, nothing too major in this section. Aside, of course, from one of the female characters who has a large chest size. A few jokes are made, naturally. Also, there is a male pervert later on in the series that thinks about chest sizes quite a bit. Nothing graphic, and it’s played for comedic effect, but it’s still inappropriate.

Aside from a discussion about the difference in two words where “gods” were in the examples, there’s nothing to note here.

Personal impression:
I usually don’t like “sport” anime, which is where this mainly falls. But thanks to the characters being interesting enough, the breezy pacing and the touching scenes here and there, I really came to love watching this show and finished both seasons in record time. Although this thing is tagged with no less that three major genres, rest assured that the shoujo aspect usually takes the back seat and is actually well handled. Romance only comes into play at logical moments and the feelings are complex due to the rivals past relationship with one another.
As for the animation and such, well it probably leans more towards shoujo art style overall, but it’s toned down a bit. The music is fitting, although not too outstanding on its own. It’s the characters and their more complex relationships with each other that keeps this show moving.
So if you like slice-of-life, card sports and shoujo combos… Ok, this might be the only one like that. But, anyway, if you like any of those you just might find you enjoy this show as well. Just be prepared for some tears here and there. And probably more seasons in the future as season two by no means wrapped things up.

Personal rating: 10+

Episodes: 50 (includes seasons 1 & 2)
Languages: Sub
Official rating: TVPG
Genre(s): Sports, slice of life, shoujo
Website: n/a
Legal streaming: Crunchyroll
 photo c1_zps85eb660c.jpg photo c3_zps7f3a6183.jpg photo c2_zps78b1253d.jpg

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