Galilei Donna Review

Earth is in the depths of an energy crisis. The globe has cooled to such a low degree that many people around the world are freezing to death. At first, the three Ferrari sisters don’t even realize how widespread this problem is. Their town has hardly been touched. But once they’re threatened by a pirating group, a sinister energy company and the local police, they can no longer ignore the plight of their world. Or the fact that they’re ancestor Galileo Galilei’s reputation haunts them.

This is a pretty typical YA violence level show. We see people shot to death, stabbed to death, that sort of thing. Nothing overly grotesque, but definitely not for younger audiences. One of the worse scenes is when a bunch of arguing people are shot in cold blood and when a child tries to rescue his dying father and gets severely injured by falling debris.

This section isn’t all that bad, but I do recall a few b-words. Not often, but they’re in there alongside the usual d-mns and sh-ts.

Oh Japan and your baths… Oh, yes, we don’t get away from that. Thankfully it’s really the only nudity to worry much about in this show (aside from the opener and ending themes where the lead sister wears overalls but nothing underneath, which is weird from a few angles…). Water and/or bubbles cover anything telling in these scenes, and there are only a few in the whole series, but they’re there, showing you scandalous bare shoulders! *gasp*

Aside from some time bending stuff that kinda feels creepy, there’s nothing to say for this section. Ah, well a visit to Japan does show the girls praying at a shrine. Nothing is said about it and it doesn’t last more than a second or two, though.

Personal impression:
Just-fun-enough-for-a-single-watch seems to sum up this show nicely. You see, the show isn’t bad really. It’s pretty decent. Better than many shows that were airing at the same time. That said, it still isn’t quite riveting enough to be something I’d want to own or see again. Beyond the Boundary was far better at capturing my attention, to be honest.
That said, this show does hold its own reasonably well. The art is nice, even having a few rarely seen character designs to spice things up (hair rollers, anyone?). In today’s world of dull character designs, that’s a solid positive. The music isn’t stellar though and the story has a few odd hiccups. For example, two characters get quite close to one of the sisters and later die. She only thinks on this for a second or two in the next episode and then pretty much forgets about them. This made their whole story seem insignificant and a waste of time to me. Also a relationship begins to form around another sister and a pirate, but at the very end it’s like it never even happened as he runs off without her. It doesn’t help matters when a rushed time travel arc is forced in and reveals that great great great grandpa is has creepy feelings for his future relative and his granddaughter is fine with it? Yeah, weird. If these elements had been handled batter, this series might have been more interesting. But as they are, they drag the show down.
In the end, this show is better than some of the cliché and tired stuff out there and even has a bit of character development, but it still struggles to be anything other than midrange. If you like adventure style stories with a bit of political stuff sprinkled in, you might find this a decent watch. Just don’t have your heart set on the best wrapped up ending.

Personal rating: Young adult

Episodes: 11
Languages: Sub
Official rating: TV14
Genre(s): Adventure, fantasy, action
Company: Fuji Creative Corporation
Legal streaming: Crunchyroll
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