Love Lab Review

Riko never meant to walk in on that embarrassing scene. She really didn’t. But after it’s done, she can’t back out of it. She saw the much admired, beautiful, graceful, kind, council president Maki practicing making out with a weird body pillow in the club room. No doubt about it. There’s no way her life will ever be boring again. Not when she has to pretend she’s a heartbreaker and lead the way for a group of romantically challenged girls to practice “being in love.”

There’s really no violence in this show aside from slap stick and one or two nose bleeds. That’s it.

We’re pretty light in this area too, actually. D-mns and such, but nothing too heavy.

Oddly enough, we’re spared the usual cheap shots. Mostly. We still have jokes on chest size and misunderstandings about “doing it.” And there’s one scene where a young boy bumps into one of his female classmates from… behind. Down and behind… Yep. And there’s that one brother who has the weirdest ideas about what’s attractive and says strange stuff. But, frankly speaking, there’s nothing in this show to worry too much about. We never see anything, not even a bath scene.
Ah, also quite a few girls get heart-eyed (that’s totally a thing in anime) over their student council members due to their popularity. There’s no official romantic tilt to it, but it might be weird to anime newcomers.

Aside from some visual jokes where Maki tries to look attractive, but goes too far and looks scary, nothing supernatural or religious is discussed.

Personal impression:
This show really surprised me. I mean, the art is mediocre, the character designs plain and the music isn’t memorable in the slightest. Plus the story is really straight forward and predictable. And yet I enjoyed watching this show!
Simply put, while the story and characters aren’t exactly Shakespeare, they are well crafted enough to be one thing: entertaining. Heck, one scene actually made me emotional. Not an easy feet.
While their designs and personalities are rather plain, the dialog is snappy enough in the comic department to remain funny as well as true to each character, and the members are all just crazy enough to make it interesting to see what they would do next, even if you knew well in advance where the plot is turning.
The only downside (if the art level and music aren’t counted), would be a lack of real character development. We get a little bit here and there, but not all that much really. Mainly just the plot point of Riko’s lies are addressed. Maki still can’t function around guys and all the girls in the club are no closer to being functioning relationship potentials. So the whole series felt like more of a single arc than a complete story. Seeing as this is a recent show, there’s a chance a second season might be in the works. But maybe not considering how low the views on this show are currently.
If you like light comedy with a sprinkle of heart on the side, this is a fun show to watch. But like so many shows from the last streaming season, don’t hold your breath for everything to wrap up.

Personal rating: 10+

Episodes: 13
Languages: Sub
Official rating: n/a
Genre(s): Comedy, romance
Company: Dentsu
Legal streaming: Crunchyroll
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3 thoughts on “Love Lab Review

  1. This anime amazed me with just how un-cheap it was. Based purely on the synopsis, I anticipated crappy artwork, a lot of fanservice, and tons of pseudo-lesbianism. What I got instead was nice visuals, intelligent scripting, and jokes that were actually funny most of the time. I wouldn’t call it my favourite series of the year, but it was definitely the most pleasantly surprising.

    • Total agree, right here. I don’t think a show has surprised me THIS much since… lol. Since Chihayafuru. Which wasn’t all that long ago, but it certainly FEELS like it was awhile ago. Probably because actual surprises are rare for me in anime these days so having two so close is… surprising. xD

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